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  1. Body Shop
    1967 Camaro Convertible here. I'm trying to build a body cart/jig and I want to double check that I'm using the correct distance from the datum line to the firewall jig hole. I was checking the body cart plans posted here on this site - and its a fantastic cart. However, it appears that they...
  2. Body Shop
    I'm having an issue with my hood adjustment/alignment. I've gotten it square however, the back of the hood on both sides in raised. How do I lower the back of the hood (cowl side) so she sits flat. Thanks, Mike 67 Camaro Convert. 327 4sp
  3. Transmission & Driveline
    I'm planning on installing a T56 in my '69 Z (302 M21) and am trying to decide upon using either an adapter plate and my stock BH or going with the QuickTime RM-6023PB for the mechanical/bellcrank clutch setup. I don't really want to go with the hydraulic setup, sounds like a pain and more...
  4. Body Shop
    Hi, I have removed the subframe and with that all of the front end sheet metal. Now when I have put it all together I have tried to follow the recommendations I have found here by using the search function. To be able to get correct gaps to the doors I have been forced to put 3 shims between...
  5. Wheels & Tires
    Can anyone link me to an article or detail procedure that will get me "close" for a home garage alignment? I'll leave it to a shop to do a laser alignment later, I'm looking to just get close enough that my road tests aren't silly. Specifically, my rear tires look out of whack but the eyes can...
1-5 of 5 Results