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  1. Engine
    I would like some information about this block. Never seen this ”Zl1/can-am/yenko ” block in cast iron before, Only in aluminum and magnesium. I bought it here in Sweden.
  2. Forum Classifieds
    I have a 2" aluminum cowl hood for sale. I meant to eventually install it on my car but I don't think I'll be doing that. So hopefully one of you guys could get some good use out of it. It's in great shape with no dents or rust obviously. I'm asking for 400 plus shipping. I'm located in Southern...
  3. Engine
    Hi Guys, Need a little help deciding on the right set of rocker arms for my build: 402 BBC Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam 0.300" cam lift Aluminum Edelbrock heads Comp Cams 930-1 springs (1.550" double spring) I'm looking for a 1.8 ratio rocker to get my gross lift to about 0.540". I was...
  4. Restoration Corner
    Hi, Can someone enlighten me on what is a "correct" radiator for a 68 Yenko? I've been told a 4 row aluminum radiator was available. Is this the so-called "curved neck" radiator? Are reproductions available, and if so, from whom? Thanks, -Louie
  5. Heating & Cooling
    Help!!! Replaced entire cooling system & still having cooling problems Hey Everyone! I am at the point where i almost just want to sell this damn thing and start over! I have a 68' RS with a 350 engine. Nothing major has been done to the engine and it runs pretty close to stock. I have been...
  6. Heating & Cooling
    Hello everyone, I need to replace my old brass radiator because it has sprung a leak. The previous owner was running what I can only assume was tap water through the system instead of coolant and I have found a good amount of white scale/calcium in the cooling system. I can see it has been...
  7. Forum Classifieds
    Factory Aluminum intake...old style like 67 and 68 Camaro with oil fill tube and "S" oil cap. No casting numbers...someone grinded them off smooth. The intake came on a 1962 Chevy 327 that I rebuilt and changed intakes. $50 plus shipping from Kentucky.
  8. Engine
    Hi, Does anyone have any experience on the Pro Comp aluminum heads? I'm considering purchasing a pair for a big block off of E-bay. Pros? Cons? Thanks!
  9. Engine
    I searched TC site here, but never found a thread actually talking about the snowflake itself. Topic: Snowflake design, placement, and impression depth:: I am seeing differences in the actual snowflake marking, and hoping you guys can shed some light. Maybe the foundry changed their die...
1-9 of 9 Results