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  2. 67 Camaro still won't cool :(

    Heating & Cooling
    I've been fighting cooling issues with my 67 since I bought it nearly 10 months ago. It's a 468 with an 8-71 blower. In short, after 10-15 minutes of driving, the temp heads north of 210 and won't come back down. I have to turn it off and try to hide it in the shade. This has kept me from...
  3. Spark Plug Gap - BBC

    Question probably gets asked a lot, but trying to find a definitive answer is sometimes difficult because we're not talking stock engines and factory specs for plugs from 1969. So I've got a mid-70's 454 (.030" over), forged pistons, steel crank, CompCam Xtreme XS274S with solid lifters, Holley...
  4. 1969 camaro steering column & steering wheel

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    Up for your consideration is a 69 Camaro steering column floor shift non-tilt, 69 Camaro Standard Steering Wheel is NOT included and for sale separately. steering column $215.00 OBO Up for your consideration is a 1969 Camaro Standard Steering Wheel. $225.00 OBO Please see pictures for...
  5. Rocker Arm Help

    Hi Guys, Need a little help deciding on the right set of rocker arms for my build: 402 BBC Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam 0.300" cam lift Aluminum Edelbrock heads Comp Cams 930-1 springs (1.550" double spring) I'm looking for a 1.8 ratio rocker to get my gross lift to about 0.540". I was...
  6. Identify Eagle Forged or Cast Crank from this pic

    A friend send me this picture of his Gen VI Big Block Chevy that was supposedly built with an Eagle 4340 Forged Crankshaft. Hoping some of the more experienced engine builders out there will see this and will be able to peg it as forged or cast. Appears to have H-Beam rods, but other than...
  7. BBC GM heads and gaskets

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    I am redoing a bored and stroked 454 (496) and am making changes to the engine. This is an engine I picked up a few months ago and have parts that I am changing out. The engine STH only about 1 hour on the clock on most all of these parts. All parts are as is and are in fully working condition...
  8. BBC Camaro Fuel System parts

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    BBC (big block Chevy) parts. Performance and race parts. 2G Camaro I am redoing a bored and stroked 454 (496) and am making quite a few changes to the engine. This is an engine I picked up a few months ago and hence have parts that I am changing out. The engine STH only about 1 hour on the clock...
  9. 572 BBC? Opinions and advice wanted

    So i posted about a 496 not to long ago but have done some research and think I am going to go with a 572. I plan on obviously getting a aftermarket block and am leaning towards a dart tall deck. As for everything else it is up in the air. I want to go with a forged rotating assembly and don't...
  10. New 496 Project... New to EVERYTHING

    So I am new both to the forum and a projecf in general. On a side note if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it. I have decided for te first time to take on a project. I have never built a car or and engine but figured I'd hit the ground running. I am a guy that if I do it I do it...
  11. Only 1--291 NEW BBC HEAD

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    ONLY 1---"291" NEW BBC HEAD With VALVES---JUST In PURE GM STOCK CONDITION--$650 Or Best Offer-<br> <br> Call: 626-241-2342 Or Email: [email protected]
  12. 454 block,396 crank, 6.385 rods. What pistons?

    i building a new motor for my drag car. im looking for 12.1 comp ratio and having some problems finding pistions that will give me that. here is my specs 454 block bored 30 over 3.76 forged crank closed chamber heads 109cc 2.25 intake 1.88 ex valves eagle H beam rods 6.385 long comp...
  13. BBC SWP Brackets confusion

    In the middle of getting my engine together and ran into a snag... It's a mid 70's 454, i'll be going with a short water pump. On a whim a picked up a chrome alternator bracket for 20 bucks but now i'm a little confused. The only reference I have is my dad's 427 (also mid 70's) but it has the...
  14. Header/Motor mount/Steering box woes

    I bought some nifty coated Hooker Comps for my 69 Camaro with a 396. When I bought the car it had solid motor mounts with (what I thought was) small block frame stands. I put the BBC motor mount/frame stand set for that year of car in and a "quick ratio" power steering box in as well. The...
  15. lunati solid roller

    Thinking of stepping up to a Solid Roller. Currently I am running a Comp xtreme energy xe274h flat tappet, which is 552/555 lift, 230/236 dur @ 050 on 110/106 LSA/ICL. I am thinking of going with a Lunati Voodoo Solid Roller 60232. It has 655/663 lift with 243/249 dur @ 050 on 110/106 LSA/ICL...
  16. NEW Hooker Super Competition Hdrs

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    For Sale one set of Hooker Super Competition headers for a 1882-1992 third gen Camaro with a BBC. They cost $749.95 at Summit part# HOK-2226-1HKR. They have been installed on a thirdgen before but never run. The guy lost interest in the car and I bought the car and...