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  1. Engine
    Is an aftermarket timing cover required on a retrofit roller cam setup in a early 80's 454? I know I will at least need a cam button. Also what kind of abuse can I get away with on stock crank and rods, torque and hp limit, safe rpm limit? Motor that im looking at parts for is a daily/ streetrod...
  2. Performance
    I just bought a Camaro for a project car. It has a 454 with a new ignition module, coil, plugs, and wires. Ran ok with a few backfires thru the exhaust on my way home. About 50 miles in it started missing real bad. lost power and could barely get it home. When it is cold, it runs ok with a miss...
  3. Tag Team
    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out what the correct letter code would be for a TH400 from a 1968 Camaro 396/350hp. I'm seeing varying answers saying CA,CC, CD, or CE? Any ideas? I did check in the VIN decode section and saw options for CC, CE, or CX but just trying to confirm. Thanks! Chris
  4. Restoration Corner
    To all, I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to this site. I have been working on a project since January 2017 and found this site instrumental to the restoration effort I have undertaken. I am restoring a 1967 Camaro L78. It started out as changing a leaking oil pan and blew up...
  5. Engine
    Installed a 502 in my '69 convertible. Have a 3 groove crankshaft pulley, so I can add a/c and p/s. Inner 2 grooves are 6 1/2" outer groove is 7 1/2" and rubs on crossmember. Any one have a part number for a 6 1/2" 3 groove. Thanks.
  6. Engine
    Hey everyone: My father and I figured the winter would be a good time to begin building the motor for our '69 project. It's not going to be a track car, but we do want it to have some go, and will have a TH400 and 12-bolt with 3.73's behind it. We don't have much experience with blueprinting...
  7. Transmission & Driveline
    Hi guys, can anyone help me with purchasing the right gear box? I have a 411 rear end gears and a muncie m20 with 2.52 1st. Thinking of putting in a m22 with 2.20 1st. It's behind a big block chev, wondering if there would be much difference between the 2. I still want the acceleration. Thanks.
  8. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I recently purchased a 4K car. The car appears to have all the original suspension on it. The 396 is not currently in the car but there is a 454 stuffed in there. The suspension was quite spongie, so I replaced the front and rear shocks with adjustable Competition shocks. 90/10 on fronts...
  9. Engine
    So I am new both to the forum and a projecf in general. On a side note if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it. I have decided for te first time to take on a project. I have never built a car or and engine but figured I'd hit the ground running. I am a guy that if I do it I do it...
  10. Forum Classifieds
    Shown is the bonspeed Big Blocks with Charcoal centers & Brushed Outer Hoops Shown is a 18X8 & 18X10 NOTE: Did you know bonspeed wheels are available with optional flat caps and you can order virtually any style with BIG brake clearance! All bonspeed Wheels are individually machined in Anaheim...
  11. What's it worth?
    Can someone look at this auction on eBay and tell me what is the fair market value for this particular Camaro? Does the car look correct or is it a fake RS SS big block 396 car? I have never owned a first generation F Body so any and all help will be appreciated...
  12. Forum Classifieds
    We unearthed this at a local estate, it is in "as found" condition, with all the grease still in place except where we wiped it off to clear up the numbers. Is $300 reasonable? Nice dry AZ part without any of the "back east" aluminum corrosion that is so common. Never blasted or "rebuilt" as...
  13. Engine
    I'm currently finishing getting my engine and tranny together. It is a 454 and a BW Super T-10. I need a proper flywheel before I bring them together. Now, I have already bought a 454 flywheel balancer plate to make use of a 350 flywheel, so today I checked out some junkyards to find a flywheel...
  14. Engine
    Hi, Has anyone used Hooker 2.125" big block headers with a Milodon low profile or road race pan (30950, 31505) in a first gen car? I want to confirm that: a) they fit with the pan kickouts, and b) there aren't any other fit issues I missed. I'm prepping an LS6 and want to make sure...
  15. Forum Classifieds
    Used these a short time in 68 firebird w/400. Going LS and went with small block springs. Will have pics up later tonight. Scott 850 380-9500
  16. Engine
    Hi, Does anyone have any experience on the Pro Comp aluminum heads? I'm considering purchasing a pair for a big block off of E-bay. Pros? Cons? Thanks!
  17. Forum Classifieds
    Wanted: Big Block timing cover dated late Nov or Dec of 1969 for my 396/350hp L34
  18. Forum Classifieds
    Wanted: Late Nov or Dec 1969 Harmonic Balancer for my 396/350hp L34
  19. Engine
    I'm Currently Rebuilding my Big Block Chevy 427, it will just be a street motor nothing to radical, The Engine will be bored .60 over & will be going with: -Keith Black Forged Pistons Dome Height 0.124 in -Scat H Bean rods with ARP bolts -110 CC Edelbrock Performer RPM Oval Port Aluminum Heads...
1-19 of 29 Results