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  1. 350 block

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    Have 350 block for sale finish bore of 4.045 Has Forged splayed caps installed. Block has little use since built Decks blue printed 8.995 deck height Mains bores and block decked on Rottler F65 machiene center High quality blueprint machiene work Honed on Sunnen CV 616 with torque plates...
  2. Engine rebuild - block screws/bolts??

    We're in the process of rebuilding a 3.8L engine. We purchased a remanufactured block from Fliteline which we're very happy with - the only problem so far is that the reman. engine doesn't have the block studs installed that hold on the oil pump and exhaust manifolds (as noted by arrows in the...
  3. 69 DZ 302 Casting 3956618 Stamped V0219DZ

    What's it worth?
    What would this block be worth to the owner of the original car? To any other Z28 enthusiast? Casting date A 28 9 Thanks.
  4. BB Chevy Tall Black Crickle Valve Covers - $95.99 Shipped

    Big Block Chevy Tall Black Crickle Finish Valve Covers - $95.99 Shipped (48 States) Covers features the Chevy "Bowtie" and Chevrolet in red.
  5. 3800 series 2 engines

    i was wondering (before i start yes its a 3.8L, and yes its missing two cylendars, BUT the way my engine is configured <by previous owner> it hauls *** plus im in high school so factor in mpg's and major tickets) anyway, i was wondering if anyone knew the difference in acceleration and power...
  6. A female Z-28 owner, with a rip-off mechanic

    Heating & Cooling
    Ive read alot of the same problems Im having, and it sounds like It may be the heater core. The problem is, temp gage began going up, when car accelerated, gage would go back to normal in 2 seconds. Car does not run bad, idle rough, smoke,smell hot, or like antifreeze, nothing at all. Just, no...
  7. Engine de-code

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    Researching my small block out of my 67, I narrowed it down to out of a 75 C-10 or 2500, I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something. Back of block: GM 3970010 Front of block: 05F148105 V0310TYX Imprint near oil filter: (good for anything?) 371 386 83 N Thanks in advance...