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  1. Tag Team
    Excellent read and vehicle history investigative tips. Looking for 1967 Z28 VIN#124377N195134
  2. Blog
    Waiting for some warm weather to get some more work done on my project. :yes:
  3. Blog
    I'm hoping I can get to a point to mount the body back to the suspension shortly. I need to see if I should take the car off the roto and put it back on the suspension to do the quarters or move it to a body cart.
  4. Blog
    I thought I'd start a Blog section for my 67. I actually put Rust Bullet on my rear wheel wells yesterday after finishing removing all the undercoating from them. Now time to paint the underneath and get it back on the suspension or at l4east off the roto and on a body cart. :thumbsup:
  5. Bench Racing
    The progress of a lot of great builds are being posted on here in various sections. It seems there number is increasing, so what do you all think about starting a new section showcasing all the builds going on? What do you think Mods?
1-5 of 5 Results