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blower motor

  1. Blower motor doesn't work

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi, I have recently painted the firewall and the heater box as well as the blower motor housing. Bolted it back in place but it will not run. When I remove the blower motor and feed it with 12V and a ground strap connected to one of the bolt holes it works so I guess the ground connection is...
  2. Heater Fan Motor Replacement Questions

    Heating & Cooling
    So my front fenders are off and Im thinking I should replace the 45 year old blower fan motor that still works OK. A few questions: What brand/model should I use? I'd like to get as close to OE quality as possible? Has anyone used a AC Delco motor? Other ideas? Not really wanting...
  3. Elec Motor repair ?

    Restoration Corner
    I'm looking for anyone with experience having the electrical motors (blower motor and Windshield Wiper motor) repaired on an original car. My parts 'look' perfect, with correct dates/labels, etc, but do not function. I've found one source (D&M Restoration, Greenville, SC) who says they can...
  4. 78 z28

    Second Generation
    I have a 1978 Z28 and the blower motor doesn't work when I turn it on. My teacher and I are going to replace the motor and see if that will make it work but I need to know, how do I get to the blower motor? I know it is on the passenger side but do I need to take off the fender to access it or...
  5. Attach wire to heater blower motor - 67 RS no A/C

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hello sportsfans! First time poster, first time restoration too. Had body and paint completed and now re-wiring engine compartment for 327. Working my way back around the engine after having labeled and studied the wiring diagrams. The body shop I used also replaced the blower motor while the...
  6. 79 Camaro Blower Motor

    Second Generation
    I have a 79 Berlinetta. I have done a ground up restoration and changed the blower motor when I had the front end off the car. It worked fine at first, but now the motor has power and a good ground but is sporatic. Cuts on and off as I hit bumps. If I kill the car when it is running, you can...