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  1. Interiors
    Guys I am trying to clean up my door jamb and door window felts sets. Main window and quarter windows. Mine are old and have always looked not clean like I'd like. On the doors themselves where the window felts meet the weatherstrip what looks good to clean them up? They just seem to stop. End...
  2. Restoration Corner
    I need to get my 67 into a body shop for some metal repair and new paint. Can anyone recommend a good shop in the Oregon area? Thanks, Rich
  3. Body Shop
    Silly question but, are the springs for the hinges directional? Meaning is there more stretch on one side compared to the other? Thanks, Mike 67 Camaro Convert. 327 4sp
  4. Body Shop
    I recently bought an OEM weatherstrip for my 68', the the old one was nowhere to be found. I installed it and knew immediately that my trunk was not going to close. I talked to one of the guys I work with and he told me to adjust the latch on the deck lid so that I can shut it and it the...
  5. Body Shop
    While I can do many things - engines, transmission, electrical, AC, etc... I can't do body work. For me, I know enough that I will need to find a professional. I noticed an ad in the classifieds for a complete roller with paint from a shop in Tampa Bay, Florida. Classic Muscle Works (CMW)...
1-5 of 5 Results