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  1. Completely strip a car or just blast areas

    Restoration Corner
    Currently working on a 69 Camaro and have a few questions but first a little background about the car. I bought her from a guy that already had some body work done on it and then it was painted. Since I have had it, I have started cleaning up the interior floor pan which has presented some rust...
  2. Paint and Body - How many hours are reasonable?

    Body Shop
    Because different shops charge different rates, I'm hoping if I detail the body and paint work that has been performed on my 69 Camaro, I'll get some professional shop owners and experienced DIY'ers to respond. I'm looking for a reasonable number of hours that it would take an experienced shop...
  3. Getting car on to jig

    Build Projects
    What is the best method for getting an F Body onto the jig? I am starting a 69 convertible project and will be building the body jig shortly that is referenced so many times. I have searched threads but I haven't found the definitive best way to place the body shell onto the jig. Thanks!! BTW -...
  4. Rear Quarter Issue

    Body Shop
    Hey, I've stripped the paint of my 67 Camaro and uncovered a world of issues. the most terrifying is the rear passenger side quarter panel. It seems clear to me that the car was in an accident (due to frame rail damage behind the quarter) and the quarter was replaced... poorly. After grinding...
  5. 68 Camaro - Body Tag Removal & Installation Procedure

    Restoration Corner
    Is there a specific procedure that I need to use to replace a Body Trim Tag and VIN Tag? I'm removing the dash pad and upper cowl due to rust and I want to make sure I install the original tags to the correct standard. Thanks, Ramien
  6. Body Resto: Good or Bad?

    Body Shop
    Greetings all. I'm a new poster/reader, and hopefully I won't be that annoying new guy who everyone tells to "go look at the older posts!" I'm about to pull the trigger and buy a non-numbers-matching 69 Camaro that has been restored. I know just enough about the mechanical stuff to be...
  7. 1969 Camaro rear window trim pins

    Body Shop
    So the shop that was restoring my camaro replaced both rear fenders but when they did they didn't replace the pins that the trim attaches to. they went out of business during the restore so now I am stuck. Right now I have the pins on the top and bottom of the rear window but not on the sides...
  8. I'm looking to get information on body mount kits

    I'm hoping I can get to a point to mount the body back to the suspension shortly. I need to see if I should take the car off the roto and put it back on the suspension to do the quarters or move it to a body cart.
  9. The Body Cart/Jig Thread

    Body Shop
    So I have only been here a short while, but one of the questions that I have had, and the one that people have asked on here is: How do I build a body cart/jig? Well there is a multitude of information available, however, I thought I would start a thread where everybody can post pics and...