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  1. 67, Bolt ID please.

    Restoration Corner
    HI Folks, I just dropped the little tray I have been storing all the nuts and bolts from my 67 Camaro restoration, its ok for the most part I have remembered where they go and have put the labels back where they go but I have 12 bolts that I am unsure of. I have grouped them into two...
  2. Help, are these hardware kits any good?

    Restoration Corner
    Need some front end hardware, does anyone have any comments on these kits? Im a bit concerned its all...
  3. BBC GM heads and gaskets

    Forum Classifieds
    I am redoing a bored and stroked 454 (496) and am making changes to the engine. This is an engine I picked up a few months ago and have parts that I am changing out. The engine STH only about 1 hour on the clock on most all of these parts. All parts are as is and are in fully working condition...
  4. Lower Control Arm Frame Bolt Hole Size

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I'm re-installing my lower control arms after upgrading to Global West Del-Alum bushings. I'm also using their lower control arm bolts. The holes for these bolts in the frame are too small. One size it fits tight, the other it won't go through at all. When I took the stockers out I had to...
  5. Shackle Bolts / Pins for 68

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Oh man... I have been searching for days and cannot find JUST the pins (bolts) for the rear shackle (GM Part 3830844). I am going to use the original hangers. 2 of them are good 2 are bad. Does anyone know where I can get them or do I have to buy the whole shackle assembly? Thanks -Brian
  6. Global West front sway bar bracket bolts - Too big?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I'm upgrading my stock (less than 1 inch) front sway bar to Global West 1 inch bar. The bracket bolts that came with the new bar are 3/8 while the old bolts are 5/16 (see pic). These bolts screw into the frame. The new bolts are too big for the original threaded frame openings. Would it hurt...
  7. Valve cover bolts.

    Restoration Corner
    Hi guys... my first post: I have a 69 1/2 SS/RS "survivor" that I am simply trying to keep as close to original as I can. I am the second owner, bought it '76. I decided to repaint my valve covers which were looking pretty rough. My "mechanic" helped me get the old enamel off the valve covers...