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  1. Camaro Tech
    So it turns out that the new fenders I put on my 68 ss are RS fenders. My budget is growing smaller. I'm looking for some feedback/advice as to what to do. I know I can pony up and buy the RS conversion kit, but it looks like a $1000 plus for everything. Is there brackets out there that...
  2. Engine
    Im swapping out my OEM alternator brackets on a 1968 Camaro 327. Anyone have any thoughts on a higher performance bracket? I see quite a few out there but they are not always rated well. Its the driver side, high mounting. Thanks.
  3. Restoration Corner
    HI Folks, I just dropped the little tray I have been storing all the nuts and bolts from my 67 Camaro restoration, its ok for the most part I have remembered where they go and have put the labels back where they go but I have 12 bolts that I am unsure of. I have grouped them into two...
  4. Bench Racing
    I have a 67 camaro looking to buy a big block power steering pump and brackets.all so looking for water pump and strter and intake for a quadra jet date coded b or c my car was biult th 4 week of april 67. 770-366-2475 if no answer please leave me a massage and i will get back with you asap...
  5. Convertibles
    Ok so for some reason I have a power top frame with manual springs. I have all the parts to convert it to power however when I did start the tear down I ran into the following. 1. The manual shoulder bolts are a different length than the I ordered the correct bolts. So then I went to...
1-5 of 5 Results