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  1. New disc brakes with parking brake.

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    Aerospace Components pro street disc brakes for 9 inch Ford with big bearing old style housing ends. Never installed. List for $890 sell for $690.
  2. 67 Camaro Ford 9 inch wilwood brake conversion

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hello All, I just got my new strange ford 9" rear end with 31 spline axles for my 67 Camaro. I put timken A20 bearings on both axles. I then mounted axles in the rear end to measure for some wilwood brakes. My options for brake kits had an axle offset of 2.32" 2.50". I measure my axle...
  3. 67 350 SBC Vacuum / Brake Problems

    Afternoon Guys 'n Gals - So I've put this in the engine section because I'm not convinced this is related to my brakes. I'll explain why: Brakes have previously performed OK, not perfect but OK, I could lock the wheels up with a good stomp or a bit of a pump pump stomp. I had issues with the...
  4. 67' Braking Issue

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey gents, What have you done to improve the stopping distance on your rides? Some jackoff pulled out in front of me and stopped on the way to work this morning, almost resulting in a collision. I have discs in the front and drums in the rear, all original I think. Will upgrading to the fancy...
  5. Starting a complete brake restoration

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I have a 69 SS with power front disc/rear drums. Its been sitting for 25 years. Although there is fluid in the master cylinder - it has no brakes. I am planning a complete rebuild of the system and plan to keep the current configuration if possible unless the rear drums are trashed (then I...
  6. Help, please - Time for new Master Cylinder & Booster

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hi all - 1968 Camaro running a 502 big block, disk in front, drums in rear. I'm running into a problem where I think it's finally time to chuck the old Master Cylinder and Booster and install a new one. The Master Cylinder is slowly leaking down the front of the booster where it is attached...
  7. Rear rotor problems...

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I just bought an 87 Iroc-Z, and I'm starting with the brakes. Got the caliper off fine on the rear, but now the rotor is seized up, and I was wondering if there's something I'm missing? When I got the wheel off, it looked like the rear brakes hadn't been working for quite some time. So I don't...
  8. '69 rear disc conversion - which kit?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey guys - Looking for purchase advice for the best rear disc kit. I see that everyone sells one and some are garbage apparently, so I'm looking for good quality. Don't need 6-piston, 13" rotor craziness with diamond encrusted nonsense...just good performing, good quality bolt-on kit. Who do...
  9. New member from AZ

    New Member Introductions
    Hey folks first post to Team Camaro. I own a neglected :( 68 standard 327 coupe in need of attention. You all know how priorities go. I'm looking for some suggestions on reputable, reasonable repair shops in the Phoenix, Az area to help me get my 68 running. First priorities are engine...
  10. Can't get rear wheel cylinder to stop leaking

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    At wit's end. My passenger rear wheel cylinder leaks at the fitting to wheel cylinder. The line is a new stainless steel. Here is what I have tried: New wheel cylinder (cheapo from auto parts store, all they had) Another new wheel cylinder (same brand) Re-flared the tubing Re-built the...
  11. 1968 Camaro BRAKE BLEEDING HELP

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hello everyone I'm working on the brakes on a friends 68 Camaro. He has been having all kinds of work done to it trying to get it restored. He had a guy replacing the floor pans and he hit the brake line going from the master cylinder to the rubber hose before the rear end (the line was cut...
  12. brake pedal goes to the floor and constant bubbles when bleeding

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    alright i have a 69 camaro 4 wheel drum manual master cylinder. bought the car the brakes would pull to passenger side and required a couple pumps to get pressure and would slowly fade out... previous owner had new set of wheel cylinders and said that would fix it i checked and no signs of...
  13. LS1 Parking Brake work with C5 rear rotors?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Was at the junkyard and saw a set of LS1 rear brakes. Does anyone know if the parking brake from the LS1 can work with the C5 rear rotors and calipers?
  14. FS: 68 Front Drum Brakes and Master Cylinder parts

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    Converted to front discs, have the original front brakes complete from Spindle to drums, including the Drum/Drum Master cylinder collecting dust in my garage. I can send pics if interested. Make me an offer.....send a PM Bryan
  15. Cheap Big Brakes

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey, im in the process of upgrading my brakes on my 69. The wheels that are going on the car are probably going to 18's, so im trying to get some of the most impressive brakes to hide behind these huge Rims. The largest brake rotor i've been able to find is off of a 1994 Corevette ZR1 that...
  16. Master cylinder code - 5460848?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Does anyone have any info on the following code? Master cylinder code: 5460848 It's on my 1969 x-22 (SS 396) Camaro. According to my Jerry MacNeish book, the correct code is supposed to be 5468309. Thanks!
  17. something wrong with my brakes

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey everyone, I have a question that I would really like some help with. This is the second time that this has happened this summer already and it happened once last summer. My brake pedal is going all the way to the floor and my brake light comes on. When I pump the brakes a few times I get...
  18. 1970 Wilwood Disc Brake Kit Spindle Alteration

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I bought a Wilwood dynalite kit for my 1970 and have altered the stock spindle as outlined. However, the bolts which are included are too long to fit between the caliper bracket and the spindle. I called Wilwood and they told me to cut more of the spindle off, but I'm afraid that this would...
  19. Free Wilwood Master Upgrade in our Wilwood Brake Packages.

    2008 Wilwood Top 10 Direct Distributor! Before buying Wilwood brakes somewhere else Ask? Are they a direct distributor. Ask if they install these brakes on the car your ordering brakes for? Ask if they have Total Car Kits with EVERYTHING you need to do the brake conversion. It makes a...
  20. 1968 front disc brake part numbers

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I am looking to upgrade my front drum brakes to original disc brakes. The car is a 1968 big block car. Does anybody know what the correct part numbers are for 1968 calipers and rotors? I have found a set of disc brakes with the following numbers: Inner side of Caliper - 5456008 Delco Moraine...