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bucket seats

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    Pair of front bucket seats for '69. Mint condition. New upholstery. New springs and new foam, which imo, if are not part of a seat restoration prodject, save your money. This is a must, especially on the drivers side. Professionally done. No wrinkles. $1300.00 The rear seat which is for a...
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    I'm selling this set of 2 1967 Camaro front bucket seat frames with hardware (driver & passenger seats). All frames, rails, and hardware are in excellent condition, I have cleaned up and removed the little bit of surface rust that was on the frames and rails and then painted them semi-gloss...
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    Can anyone identify this houndstooth pattern for me? I originally thought these were from a 1969 Camaro, but the diamonds seem to be shorter and wider on these. Any help would be appreciated! :D