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  1. Body Shop
    Hello, I have a 68 SS and looking to replace to RS with the headlight covers. Automatic or Manual. I'll go manual, if Automatic installation is tricky. I read somewhere I would also have to remove my tachometer and adjust wiring. Note: While being restored by previous owner. For some reason...
  2. Body Shop
    Hi, I am looking for a shop that can refinish my 1969 Camaro front and rear bumpers in Black Chrome. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Joe
  3. Camaro Tech
    Im seeing a lot of cars without front bumpers and I'm wondering why. Is it for looks or for weight reduction?
  4. Forum Classifieds
    I am looking to buy a pair of the J nuts that clip into the chassis that the long front bumper brackets fasten into, does anyone recommended where to buy a set of the Chrome head bolts to fit both front and back back together ? All mine are toast. Also looking for a pair of the REAR bumper...
  5. What's it worth?
    New member here- I am a long time teamchevelle member asking you camaro guys for a little help.Ive been collecting chevy stuff since the 70's, now its time to get rid of a few things.I have a super nice 70-73 RS endura setup.Original paint endura that is the nicest used one I ever came...
1-5 of 5 Results