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  1. '69 Z28 - camshaft

    I'm just completing a full restoration on a '69 Z28 RS - 302ci. I had the engine rebuilt by a shop near Pittsburgh completed in 2015. Recently started the engine and getting 5-7 inches of vacuum. Not enough for brakes and vacuum headlights without resorting to an electric vacuum pump. Can...
  2. 355 build tips

    I've got an 87 Camaro being brought back to life, putting a rebuilt 355 with flat top pistons, HP Edelbrock Intake and a SpeedPro HP cam. I believe the mech told me it was the biggest cam we could put in it without converting to roller rockers and rods, "they told me it was a 350/300.. I've got...
  3. Help with Engine - possibly cam

    Hello, I have a 69 camaro, 350 engine all stock with headers and a ready-to-run distributor. I was driving on the freeway when a loud pop occurred under the hood, my car turned off and a small cloud of smoke was left behind. Once i was on the shoulder, i tried to start the car again and...
  4. 350 - Do I have the right Camshaft?

    I just got my rebuilt 350 back from the shop and the kit that was purchased for the rebuild included an EnginePro MC1993 Camshaft. I was researching this and found myself overwhlemed with technical specifications, and I have no clue what they mean. Can someone help me understand if this is a...
  5. Rookie question regarding cams

    I'm looking into the Thumpr series cams from Comp: Reading the specs, it says 'needs 9:1 CR." What does this mean? I tried a few searches (TC and google) but didn't see anything too clear. Incidentally, if there are...
  6. Help with intake manifold and cam

    I have a 69 camaro and a 350 engine all stock and a 4 barrel quadrajet carb. A friend gave me an Edelbrock torker II intake manifold but I don't know if I should put it on or if I am better off with the original intake manifold. I don't plan to change the carb anytime soon. Also, another...