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  1. Tips & Tricks
    I appreciate everyone who left me any onformaton on the Holley 4346 780 CFM. It runs great on the camaro. Dianna
  2. Engine
  3. Camaro Tech
    A friend of mine was getting rid of Holley Carb, List # R-4346. I triedd to find some information and maybe a 750 for a '69 Camaro w/396/427 and possible 302? Any help is needed as he only want $50.00 .
  4. Engine
    Hey guys. I'm going through the motions trying to get my carb optimally done up as best I can, and have a few questions. First off, here's what I've got as far as the motor goes; - 355 sbc - Comp cams 276-tl56 - Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold - 3947041 cast iron heads (I've heard...
  5. Engine
    How are you guys running your fuel lines to your carb? I have rubber fuel line coming from the fuel rail, to the mechanical pump, to the carb, but I just learned that it's a little dangerous and I should use hard line. Can you post your setups so I can get an idea of what I need to do?
  6. Engine
    Hey gents, I have a new crate 383 with a Holley 750. They set the carb at the factory base don their altitude which is about 2,000 feet higher. It's so rich that it burns my eyes if near an enclosed space and it gets in my clothes & beard. I've heard re-jetting it would work, or also changing...
  7. Engine
    Hi everyone, Hopefully this is in the correct section. My car has been sitting in a garage with an empty tank for the past 3 years and I recently did some work to the drivetrain to get it running again. The last time I started the car (before garaging it) it started right up. Now, it seems...
  8. Engine
    I have a 67 camaro with a 383 stroker, 6 speed Tremec, 3.73:1 posi. The carb is a quick fuel 780 cfm. 140 GPH mechanical fuel pump with regulator. When I am driving the car at a steady speed And push in the clutch to decelerate, the idle Drops down to 500-600 rpm, temporarily, then jumps back...
  9. Engine
    I have a 383 stroker motor in my 1967 Camaro. I am using a SS 750 Quick fuel carb on a Performer RPM AIR GAP intake. I am currently sharing one vacuum port from the carb for the PCV and brake booster. My brakes are sluggish still so I am thinking of getting a spacer for the car so I can fit...
  10. Engine
    I have a '69 327 with a manifold from 70's and a quadrajet on top and only the fuel filter inside the carb. Is it a good idea to use an in line filter ( can or clear from the parts store) before the carb in addition to the small one inside the inlet of the carb?
  11. Performance
    I am currently trying to get my 68'RS running properly and I need a new carb but I'm not sure where to start. I currently have an old Carter 625cfm clone and I don't think trying to refurbish it would be worth it. I've looked at the Edelbrock Performer 1406 600cfm carburetor but it says...
  12. Camaro Tech
  13. Engine
    I am currently trying to get my 68'RS running properly and I need a new carb but I'm not sure where to start. I currently have an old Carter 625cfm clone and I don't think trying to refurbish it would be worth it. I also looked at the 650 Rochester Quatrajet and have heard a lot of people say...
  14. Engine
    ok... so i have a thirdgen camaro... It has a 383 stroker, 10:1 comp. mild cam ( 512 lift i think) Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, headers, and an edelbrock 750 cfm carb. As far as i know there is no in tank pump, i have a high perf. holley mechanical fuel pump that is pretty new. The fuel...
  15. Engine
    I was running my 68 Camaro V8 350 with Holly 600 at hi alltitude (5500 ft) and it was using 63 size jets. I am now back around see level (0 to 1000) feet. I noticed that on acceleration it was a little choppy so I changed back to the stock 66 jets. Earlier today my friend was following me and he...
  16. Performance
    Hey Gents Im building a 383 with 10.5-ish CR with AFR 195 Eliminator heads and Im running XE282HR from Comp. Im unsure as to which intake, a Performer RPM or a weiand maybe? Ill have a T56 6spd and 3.73's. Ive looked into AED and Quickfuel carbs. I have a Holley 650Vac. sec. on the shelf and a...
1-16 of 17 Results