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  1. Edelbrock

    Camaro Tech
    Gentlemen, I have a 68 Camaro SS 396 with an Edelbrock 1406 600 CFM. Can anyone tell me how to adjust one. My car runs great when I get on it, but cruising down the highway it sputters and spits and backfires occasionally. I was told to turn the two adjusting screws on the front of the...
  2. Leakage from carburator

    Hi, I have a Rochester Quadrajet carburator. The screws for the top cover has to be tightened each week or so. When the screws comes loose gasoline leaks from the carb. If I dont tighten the screws the leak will cause the engine to stop. It is annoying, embarrassing and dangerous. Anyone who...
  3. '69 RS Camaro original intake manifold, carb. and air cleaner.

    What's it worth?
    I have the original intake manifold, 2 barrel carb. and air cleaner from my low mileage, 1969 RS Camaro that I removed 25 years ago. Does anyone know it these parts have any value, or should I toss them in the trash? Thanks for your help!
  4. Carburator Bogging Issues... I Think...

    ok... so i have a thirdgen camaro... It has a 383 stroker, 10:1 comp. mild cam ( 512 lift i think) Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, headers, and an edelbrock 750 cfm carb. As far as i know there is no in tank pump, i have a high perf. holley mechanical fuel pump that is pretty new. The fuel...