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  1. Seafoam Use - does it work?

    Camaro Tech
    Might buy some of this product to clean carbon deposits from my fuel system. Car is dieseling really bad. Watched a youtube video about the use of Seafoam in the gas tank as a treatment and sprayed down the carb. Will it cure my dieseling problem?
  2. Help with build: 1968 Camaro SS Restomod

    Restoration Corner
    Hello everyone. I've purchased my '68 Restomod a year ago when I was in NY from a dealership who bought it from the original customer. The dealer had no idea what was done to it. Honestly, I'm not experienced in 1st gen camaros (more into modern jap cars) but here is what I know about mine...
  3. Cowl induction hood: max air cleaner size?

    Has anyone had any luck running a 16" or 18" air cleaner with a steel cowl induction hood? I'm switching over to a Dominator carb and you can only get a drop base with the larger filter sizes. I'm interested in hearing if anyone else has looked into this and hearing how you solved the issue...
  4. Running rich?

    Hey guys. Bought a crate motor about a year ago for my project car. The car always seems to be a work in progress and I'm learning as I go and doing the work myself, but the one thing that continues to elude me is timing/carb tuning. I'm assuming it's running rich because the whole "eye-burning"...
  5. Stalling out, carb or something else?

    Hi, new member! Car has a 350 – auto, lightly modified. Car will idle for roughly 5 minutes, then just dies, doesn't bog down, no change in rpm, just quits. Last time car was driven (about a week ago), ran and drove fine for 2 minutes, died and backfired when attempting to restart. That's...
  6. Edelbrock 1400 electric choke black wire melted

    Hi All, I just finished installing a new Edelbrock 7501 Air Gap intake, it is replacing an old Edelbrock C3BX manifold. The intake went fairly smooth and as expected. Once I got it all put back together I fired it up and bam, bright red glowing wire and smoke near the carb... Oh crap#%!&@^ So...
  7. Popping when running - timing??

    Hi everyone, I have a 1978 Camaro Z28 with a 1974 350 LT1 that I had rebuilt in 2008. I drove the car for a while but then we moved to Texas and it only got driven or ran once in a while. Ever since I got the car back from the rebuild, it has not seemed to run correctly. It has okay power and...
  8. Tuning Help 350 SBC Carb/Timing Stumble problem

    Hey guys, I've been having a problem with my '68 camaro. Basicly, I have limited power, off idle stumble, and a slight pop out of the exhaust when shifting. It takes alot to get the rpms up and seems to lose power about 4500 rpm. When idling, a distinctive stumble is heard and throttle response...
  9. Does Vapor Lock happen before the pump, after the pump, or either side

    I think my '68 Camaro with a 350 small block is having a fuel problem. Strange because I've been driving it for 2 years and it is acting up only now - but it is a hot summer. Cuts out after it warms up, I took the carb off and both of the bowls (Edelbrock Thunder 650) were almost empty. I...
  10. Looking for a new Carburetor...Any suggestions? Help!

    I am currently trying to get my 68'RS running properly and I need a new carb but I'm not sure where to start. I currently have an old Carter 625cfm clone and I don't think trying to refurbish it would be worth it. I also looked at the 650 Rochester Quatrajet and have heard a lot of people say...
  11. Breather - PCV valve - Intake - Questions

    I just bought a 68 RS with a 350 engine and I have a few questions. I have a push in breather cap on the passenger side side valve cover, and a PCV valve on the drivers side valve cover. There is not a hose attached to the PCV valve. Do I need to attach a hose and run it to the base of the...
  12. Breathing problems ..

    Guys i have a question in regards to the carb hoses to the valve cover connection on the passenger side: For some reason my camaro keeps choking when this hose from the carb is connected to the valve cover on the passengers side. I was stuck on the street and the choking lead me to disconnect...
  13. Holley 800cfm 4150 Double Pumper - 439.99 Shipped (Aug 22nd-23rd)

    This Saturday and Sunday (Aug 22nd - 23rd) Holley p/n 0-4780c 800cfm 4150 Carb - 439.99 Shipped (48 states) Limited to in-stock carbs.
  14. 86' not starting

    i have an 86' z-28 v8 carbureted, camaro. I went out this morning to start it for work but it wouldn't start, like the engine was getting no spark, we put starter fluid and tried to jump start. the battery seems to be working fine and i tried to full throttle it, the gas may not be reaching the...
  15. My new 383 carb suggestions...

    Hey Gents Im building a 383 with 10.5-ish CR with AFR 195 Eliminator heads and Im running XE282HR from Comp. Im unsure as to which intake, a Performer RPM or a weiand maybe? Ill have a T56 6spd and 3.73's. Ive looked into AED and Quickfuel carbs. I have a Holley 650Vac. sec. on the shelf and a...
  16. Edelbrock Carburetors

    I have some Edelbrock Carburetors on sale. Edelbrock Thunder Series p/n 1806 - 650 CFM; Electric Choke - 349.99 shipped p/n 18064 - 650 CFM; Electric Choke; Endurashine - 429.99 shipped
  17. Holley Carburetors

    Holley Street Avenger p/n HLY0-81570 - 570 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $300.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81670 - 670 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $310.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81770 - 770 CFM Carburetor...
  18. Need help with carb issues

    I've already gotten so much help here I hate to ask for more but I don't really know a thing about carbs. Currently I have a 750CFM, vacuum secondary Holley 4 barrel on my 350 (bought it this way, plan on getting a 500-600 later on because the 750 is too much) and I have no idea why it's not...