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  1. Classic Truck Consoles .. Anyone??

    I finally ordered a console that doesn’t come shifter pre-cut, since mine is relocated for the T56 and din’t want to spend more on a shifter relocation. I got the Rally Console with the Dash Panel, 2 small cup holders and storage box. I’m planning to keep my dash parts (vintage Ac, mp3...
  2. Advice on changing 68 Interior

    Hey guys, I'm looking to refresh my 68 interior. Currently have an all black interior, classic seats, airplane style seatbelts, black carpets, no center console. I'm looking to add the items below, would appreciate for some advice, thank you. Center Console: I used to have a 4speed Muncie...
  3. 68 Camaro Console with Gauges

    I don't have a center console, and looking to get a ready-direct fit console to fit this Quad Shifter Console from AutoMeter: Anyone knows available consoles, not custom or DIY? Please share link I have a 6 speed T56...
  4. Help with original shifter installation

    I have a 69 camaro with a 350/TH400 that had a B&M shifter. I just replaced the B&M shifter with the original shifter; however, the shifter looks like it sits low once I put the center console in. Am I suppose to use spacers when bolting down the shifter? I have all the bolts and clips needed...
  5. Help with center console & shifter

    I have a 69 camaro with an automatic B&M floor shifter. It is an original V-8 from the factory. I want to know if it is possible to install the original center console and horse-shoe shifter? If so: 1) is it a lot of work? 2) Will I have problems getting everything to line up...
  6. 68 Center Console, Windows, and Speedo

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    68 center console from 4 spd. $300 . Tiny hairline crack that you can see in pic. Otherwise its good Rear Window, Side windows (astro vent printed), and rear quarter windows. $300 Speedometer from a base camaro 68. $50 Please email me at [email protected] instead of replying...