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  1. What's it worth?
    Hey everyone! I'm new here, someone recommended this would be a great community to join for everything Camaro! I had some interest in a particular 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, which appears to have its original 327 engine. It's claimed to be matching numbers, although I've been told there's actually...
  2. Fifth Generation
    Feeling lucky? They're only building 69 of them, just like in 1969.
  3. Second Generation
    Do you think that the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro could wear an exterior design inspired by the 1970 Camaro? That is the rumor and may be a very interesting one. Details:
  4. Engine
    The New Z28 sounds incredible on the dyno and puts down some pretty impressive numbers. Ref:
  5. Engine
    Hey folks, Is this common or normal? If no, what can cause this? The dash comes up saying temp nearly 200 degrees (Fahrenheit). But the water level is good. No leaks. Anyone had this happen?
  6. American Auto Wire
    American Autowire has been on a roll! We released three new kits over the past three months! We know there is a lot going on this time of year, so here is a wrap-up in case you missed anything: 1968 Nova Classic Update kit part# 510201 $649 more info 1964-67 GTO Classic Update kit part#...
  7. Fifth Generation
    I just came across this blog about the 2012 z/28 Camaro in Colorado. Is this for real or what? Are they already doing the testing? It looks sick. Thanks james ps. I have used this shop before and they know what they're...
  8. Fifth Generation
    I can't wait until the new Camaro hits the showroom floor in the next few months. This is the affordable muscle car of the decade! It is going to blow away the Charger and Mustangs and do so with a comparable price tag. It has been a long time waiting (since the first Transformers movie came...
1-8 of 8 Results