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  1. Engine
    my 68 camaro LSx (no carb).. has been running fine for a while. Drove the car recently after being garaged for 2 weeks+, on my first drive, car ran fine no issues. On my way back, I've noticed a huge drop in RPM as I'm coming to a stop with the clutch pressed in, and suddenly stalls (shuts off)...
  2. Engine
    Hi All, I just finished installing a new Edelbrock 7501 Air Gap intake, it is replacing an old Edelbrock C3BX manifold. The intake went fairly smooth and as expected. Once I got it all put back together I fired it up and bam, bright red glowing wire and smoke near the carb... Oh crap#%!&@^ So...
  3. Engine
    Once upon a time I knew how to adjust the choke and fast idle cam on a 1969 Rochester Quadrajet, with divorced choke but 30 years have left me foggy.... I recently installed a rebuilt 7029203 DY I purchased off a member here. It starts great in warm weather but the past two days the garage has...
  4. Engine
    Have situ with choke indicator light staying on even after car is warm. Choke stays engaged. What systems cause the choke to go on so I can try to back out the problem. Ideas for tracking down cause? Many thanks
1-4 of 4 Results