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  1. Early 67 chrome headliner side trim clips ?

    Hi Folks, I have an early 67 Dec 66 manufacture) and it has the nice chrome strips to the side of the headliner over the rear side windows and doors. This trim was scuffed and showing its age so I took it out and straightened it all and buffed it all up to a brilliant shine. Only problem...
  2. 2 Sets of Rally Wheels(Chrome/Steel) for sale

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    I have 2 sets of Rally Wheels for sale: 16 x 8 Chrome Rally's with 4.5 backspace... with aftermarket Derby Caps with less than 2,000 miles in great condition...$300 plus shipping. 15 x 7 Steel Rally wheels...need blasted/sanded and painted. Trim rings are included but aren't much...$160 plus...
  3. 1968 hood louvers, who's got the best

    Restoration Corner
    Help Please...;) I am looking for a set of "show quality" 1968-69 hood louvers. I do not want "OK" chrome...which means it comes with pits from the get go...I am looking for "show chrome". Does anyone sell a set of these or can an older set be rechromed (I think the bases are that crap pot...
  4. Pulley info ?

    Camaro Tech
    Hi i own a 68 Camaro and i am getting chrome pulleys put in at my local shop. My question is, I've seen new fat pulleys which now handle one fat belt, what are they called ? Can i do this on my 400 small block ? Do i have to do the water pump and other things also ? Any info on these huge...