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  1. Electrical & Wiring
    Where can one get clips that you would use to attach wires to the chassis of the car that go into factory holes, i.e. wire running to dome light or running over front fenderwells/radiator support? Finishing up my five-year project, whew... Thanks.
  2. Restoration Corner
    I took the glass out of the 67 a long while ago, I made the silly mistake of thinking "oh it will be ok not to take pictures, its going back together soon and I will remember where they all go" ! I cannot remember where all these clips and screws go, has anyone got a decent couple of pictures...
  3. Restoration Corner
    I have just got my new vent window rubbers for my 67 and I noticed when the old ones were removed the remains of three little clips. Both sides are stripped, I managed to save two clips, the others were just rust. Question shall I bother to find a set to put the rubber back in or should...
  4. Forum Classifieds
    I need the ones that run from trans to speedometer -- not the part that secures the cable to the speedometer. OEM or repops are fine. Thanks!
  5. Restoration Corner
    Hello all and thanks for the help in advance. I am putting together my brake lines and fuel lines this week and am having one heck of a time figuring out what clips go where...I have the manual but I have been trying to locate 3886521 these things exist? I have done several web...
1-5 of 5 Results