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  1. Transmission & Driveline
    Hi everyone. Looking for recommendations of a manufacturer and ideally part#s for a clutch and pressure plate combo. A few details: 383 SBC 440 hp, 460 tq. Tremec TKO-600 5sp. GM 621 bellhousing. I see some manufacturers have centrifugal weights on the plate. Not sure what this does. Looking to...
  2. Transmission & Driveline
    All, Sorry if i asked this group this question before, but i am in the process of redoing my 69/Z28/RS and I have had the M22 redone, the engine is a stock Jan 14, 1969 302 so no increase in horse power and torque above the 290hp/350-400hp or whatever it is rated at from the factory? I am...
1-2 of 2 Results