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  1. Engine
    Gentlemen - long time lurker, first time poster. I find my search for information often brings me to this forum... I'm dealing with an issue I need advice on. I'm running right around10.5:1 static compression on a 383 stroker, maybe slightly less. Total street motor... 64 CC aluminum...
  2. Engine
    Hi, I am not sure about what to do with my 327 engine. Have been offered a pair of camel hump heads with 1.94/1.50 valves and 64cc chambers. After reading on Pat Kelleys homepage about dynamic compression ratio I realize that my engine today has a DCR of 5.9:1 Heads are 1.72/1.50 with 76cc...
  3. Performance
    I have 12.5 to 1 compression slugs in and i have read that about the most dynamic compression that can be run on pump gas is 8.5. Mine is around 9.35 using a calculator i found online. When i break it in i plan on running 110 but i was wondering if i should be safe mixing half pump with 110 when...
1-3 of 3 Results