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  1. Classic Truck Consoles .. Anyone??

    I finally ordered a console that doesn’t come shifter pre-cut, since mine is relocated for the T56 and din’t want to spend more on a shifter relocation. I got the Rally Console with the Dash Panel, 2 small cup holders and storage box. I’m planning to keep my dash parts (vintage Ac, mp3...
  2. Bunch of parts from my 67 Camaro.

    Forum Classifieds
    I have a number of parts that I will not be using from my 67 SS350 Camaro that I'm selling. They are all listed on eBay now so they may sell on there first. Let me know if you want something. 67 Factory Drum brake wheel hub set, great condition: $59.99 (Free shipping) 67 Steering arms and...
  3. Automatic shifted console assembly diagram?

    Hello everyone, New to the group and I am in the process of finishing up a project of converting my powerglide trans to a 700r4 in my 68 Camaro. Just wondering if anyone can help me with a diagram on how my console and shifter plate goes back together? I took it apart over a month ago and do...
  4. 1969 Camaro console ash tray door spring installation

    Restoration Corner
    Thanks in advance for any help with this: I bought a console and all parts separately (for discount reasons) and I am now attempting to assemble. Can anyone help with the ash tray door spring installation? I searched forum for answer but didn't see any straight forward solution to installing...
  5. '69 Camaro TMI Sport R Front Seats w/ matching Console

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    I've got this set-up in as new condition. I am going in a different direction with my interior and this set up needs a new home. It's only a few months old - installed by TMI themselves at their Corona manufacturing facility. I get TONS of comments on the interior...people just love Houndstooth...
  6. Reproduction Console - Where to buy?

    Hi everyone - I'm in need of a re-pop '69 console. As far as quality, accuracy to orig, fit and finish are some vendors better than others or are they all coming from the same Chinese factory? Is Year One better than Class Ind better than Rick's, etc, etc? I could ask the same question of...
  7. Automatic/Console car restoration

    Restoration Corner
    Hi, I was just wondering if automatic cars came from the factory with both a Tachometer and the console gauge cluster? Could this have been a special options package of some sort? Thanks!
  8. 67 GM console.

    I put a GM console with the GM bracket in my 67, the problem I am having is the console will not fit over the shifter. The plate rubs the shifter. If I remove the shifter plate, it fits fine. Has this happened to anyone else?? It does have a hurst shifter that is designed for the console. What...
  9. Console Gauge Diagram

    Electrical & Wiring
    Does anyone have an exploded diagram of the console gauge cluster for a 69 camaro? I am putting in a console, but the gauges came with no instructions on how to put them together. I have a diagram for the console but not the gauge cluster. Thanks:confused: