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  1. Gap between converter and flexplate

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi, When I installed my transmission (TH350) I did follow all instructions I was aware of. - Filled the converter with 1 quart of transmission fluid. - Installed the converter and did feel the 3 clicks - Verified that I had 1.125" between bellhousing and converter tabs. - Pulled the converter...
  2. 383 Flexplate question.

    Which flexplate? I just replaced the flexplate on my 383 small block. I ordered one from Summit and the starter will only engage about 1/3 tooth. I have three starters, 2 minis and one standard. Since the 383 uses a 400 crank I think I ordered the wrong flexplate they list one for the 400 but I...
  3. 700R4/driveshaft/crossmember question.

    Transmission & Driveline
    Something is not right/need some advice. I just completed the Power glide to 700R4 swap; removing the old tranny I found no bolts in the rear mount. I figured this was just an oversight by the previous owner and expected to rid myself of some vibration on new start up. I had a heck of a time...
  4. 350 - Do I have the right Camshaft?

    I just got my rebuilt 350 back from the shop and the kit that was purchased for the rebuild included an EnginePro MC1993 Camshaft. I was researching this and found myself overwhlemed with technical specifications, and I have no clue what they mean. Can someone help me understand if this is a...