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  1. 1969 camaro conv front cocktail shakers wanted!

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    Looking for a pair of front 69 Camaro Convertible vibration dampners/ cocktail shakers, mine were missing when I purchased my car and I've always wanted to replace them. Any help finding even one side or the other would be appreciated, Thanks for any help....
  2. Power Top Switch Burning Out 67 vert

    Need some help. I have replaced the power top switch twice, keeps burning out, only on the up side. Does anyone have any insight as to wiring a relay into this to help eliminate this issue? The switches get expensive at $40 a pop. I am relative new at this, so pics or insight into specifics...
  3. what's it worth? 1967 convertible project.

    What's it worth?
    I have a 1967 convertible project that I bought years ago and looks like I'm not going to get to it. Not sure what the value is these days and would love to hear an opinion. I might sell it if value is good. 1967 Convertible. Body is complete. 95% rust free. Rust at quarter and fender bottoms...
  4. '67 convertible in TX - Will AC help?

    Heating & Cooling
    Hi - I have a '67 convertible w/427, recently moved from CA where AC wasn't required. In the Austin, TX heat it's just too hot during the summer w/o AC for me to enjoy. Looking to hear from others with 1st gens on whether having AC (Vintage Air or Classic Auto?) will provide enough cool air...
  5. Wits end! 67 No Start

    Camaro Tech
    Hi all. I've finally decided to reach out to the forum. I read a lot of feeds on here and am so thankful for them but I can't find anything about my current issue. I am stumped. Our 67 Convertible Camaro just won't start. I have been working for three days trying to figure it out and I just...
  6. Pump question

    Hello everyone. Quick question. I recently did a manuel to power top conversion on my '69. When the pump is on and the frame is in motion, all seems fine. When is approaching the extent of its travel to either its up/down position, it basically sounds like the motor is shutting down. If I keep...
  7. Manual to power top conversion

    Hello everyone! Here goes on a subject discussed here before. I've read all the prior threads so hopefully there isn't to much redundant info/questions. First off, I have a '69 with a manuel top. I wanna change it to a power top. I found this...
  8. 1968 Convertible LS Restomod

    Build Projects
    Here is the plan for our 1968 Camaro that we affectionately refer to as “Lil’ Red”. She has never been restored and is in need of some refreshing. I contemplated long and hard about which direction to go with her….(1) restore her with her original 327 / 210 hp engine and powerglide or (2) go...
  9. New from Houston Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, My Camaro is a 1968 convertible 327 / 210 hp that my father bought new. It was affectionately known to our friends and family as “Lil’ Red”. I have very fond memories of family cruises to watch fireworks on the 4th of July, drive-in movies and trips to Sonic for cherry limeades...
  10. Fold down rear seat in convertible

    Camaro Tech
    Back on the '69 Ragtop after a 10 year break. Starting to inventory parts and have a tech question. I have a rare stock fold down back seat. Will it fit in my convertible or should i be looking for a trade for a stock convertible rear. Thanks, Guys. Great to be back. Bryce
  11. Extra Jig Bracing for rusty 1st Generation F bodies

    Tools & Shops
    Part 1 I bought a convertible that needed a lot of sheet metal. I purchased a set of jig plans from First Generation Jigs. The plans were excellent. The jig itself was easy to build and really helped me rebuild the body. Some of the bracing is removable. For the parts of the jig brackets that...
  12. Getting car on to jig

    Build Projects
    What is the best method for getting an F Body onto the jig? I am starting a 69 convertible project and will be building the body jig shortly that is referenced so many times. I have searched threads but I haven't found the definitive best way to place the body shell onto the jig. Thanks!! BTW -...
  13. The Breeze 1969 convertible project

    Build Projects
    Hello All, I like the idea of the "build project" threads, so here goes... "The Breeze" rolled off the Norwood line in June of 1969, as a Rally Sport V-8 (c.i.d. unknown), manual floor shift car (trans unkown) in LeMans blue, with a standard black interior and a white power top. The next 11...
  14. Are "tributes" replicas? Advice for 1st gen convertible shopper?

    New Member Introductions
    Are "tributes" replicas? Advice for 1st gen convertible shopper? Howdy everybody! I just joined your site as an ex-Camaro owner and hopefully future Camaro owner! My first car was a 1967 Camaro about 30 years ago. Ever since, I have dreamed of having a first gen SS/RS convertible...ideally...
  15. 1968 camaro vert Power to mounting brackets and manual top brackets

    Ok so for some reason I have a power top frame with manual springs. I have all the parts to convert it to power however when I did start the tear down I ran into the following. 1. The manual shoulder bolts are a different length than the I ordered the correct bolts. So then I went to...
  16. Need a set of 69 camaro cocktail shakers

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    Looking for a set of front cocktail shakers for a 69 camaro. Let me know what you have.
  17. Is it a true big block car

    Tag Team
    I just bought a 1968 convertible, it has a 396 turbo 400 with console and gauges and tic tock tach, build date on the cowl tag is 03c, the rear end is a 12 bolt marked bz, cast date c 21 8. The heads are 3931063, the block has been decked but you can see a Y on the front pad. The block cast date...
  18. 1969 Camaro Convertible

    What's it worth?
    I was interested in getting some input on what you think the following car is worth. Appreciate your comments. - 1969 Camaro Convertible - LM-1 350, 4spd - original matching drivetrain w/ 12 bolt. No modifications. ok running condition. no apparent issues besides in need of carb rebuild...
  19. Opening for rear quarter window

    I have a 68 Camaro convert. I've always had issues with the rear quarter window on the passenger side. (I've converted to power windows). With the trim installed and the inside panels with the rubber trim, it wont roll up at all. The driver side is fine. I measured the opening for both sides...
  20. How good are aftermarket convert. Top frame???

    I have a nice 1969 camaro convert. with no convert. top frame have anybody heard how good or bad the repo. top frames are ??? or is it just best to try and find a use one been on ebay and cant find a used one at all thanks guys