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  1. What is going on??

    On my epic quest hunting for the elusive coolant leak, I came across a small puddle of coolant in a pocket between the head and the intake. Please don't give me bad news.
  2. Radiator Hose Leak

    Heating & Cooling
    So.....hey guys. I feel kinda like a dummy for needing to ask about this but I can't seem to keep coolant off the ground. I had a leak so I decided to change the lower hose and upper hose, plus they were old and needed replacement. I changed them and used some of those worm gear clamps, but I'm...
  3. Blueprint Engine Potential Issue

    Hey all, I bought a Blueprint 383 crate motor with roller rockers back in Feb. 2015 and have put about 4k on it so far. It's a great motor, makes lots of power and has a great sound. I have two small issues with it so far: 1. The oil pressure runs high, 85 psi, and if I give it a little gas...
  4. Engine Startup

    Hey guys... I want to start by stating that I have searched the threads and done a ton of reading. Now I just want to make sure I have it right! This weekend I plan to start up my 67 for the first time since I started this whole process. I am looking for some advice and “heads ups” on getting...
  5. Corrosion & Calcium Scale...Aluminum Radiator

    Heating & Cooling
    Hello everyone, I need to replace my old brass radiator because it has sprung a leak. The previous owner was running what I can only assume was tap water through the system instead of coolant and I have found a good amount of white scale/calcium in the cooling system. I can see it has been...
  6. Newbie question on burping coolant system

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 1969 that is having some overheating issues. I recently replaced a 190 thermo with a 160 thermo and believe (or hope!) I may have some air in the system as the temp creeps into the 230-250 range. I've read some threads on burping but as a newbie still need some clarifications. When...
  7. Coolant Leak

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey all! I have a 93 Camaro 3.4L V6.Its an old car but runs o.k.The issue of the week is its leaking coolant from behind the oil pan.I know this because when i pour some in i get on the ground and look under the car and yup there it comes just gushing out.Its in front of the oilpan and between...
  8. overheating problem.. kind of

    Heating & Cooling
    so i gotta 87 iroc z28 camero. first day i drive it, it starts smoking and trying to overheat. i replaced the temperature sensor and fixed the fan that wasn't working. the temperature gauge has to be broken because it only reads a little bit over 100 degrees. i baught a radiator cap with a temp...
  9. 89 RS Under The Hood Issues

    Alrighty, so I just bought an 89 Camaro RS private sale. I have never owned a Camaro and have never worked on a car. It's never really been my thing. Now that I own this vehicle, though, I really want to fix it up and make it nice looking, great running, and a dream to drive. But I SERIOUSLY...