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cowl induction

  1. Cowl induction hood: max air cleaner size?

    Has anyone had any luck running a 16" or 18" air cleaner with a steel cowl induction hood? I'm switching over to a Dominator carb and you can only get a drop base with the larger filter sizes. I'm interested in hearing if anyone else has looked into this and hearing how you solved the issue...
  2. Cowl Induction only?

    Hi, Has anyone out there used a cowl induction hood with a sealed air cleaner that DOES NOT have a snorkel? I was just about ready to pull the trigger on changing my setup to be 100% sealed to the hood (always open, no flapper valve) and was looking at aftermarket sealed a/c bases like the...
  3. POLL: Z stripes or not?

    Bench Racing
    So I was reading a thread about someone upset that all the camaro's have added stripes like a Z to their car. Well my car has them and all but 2 of the 69s I have owned have had them. So I am not saying I dont like them, I do, but I have gotten tired of seeing them and badges added to appear to...
  4. Air Horn on '69 Cowl Induction A/C

    Restoration Corner
    Are there other (more commonly available )Air cleaners that have the same airhorn as the original '69 Z28 Cowl AC?? Mine needs a new airhorn. Second part of this question is: What is the proper manner of attaching the airhorn to the AC base? I've got two original '69 Cowl Induction Air...