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  1. Paint code difference POP to Cowl tag

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    Restoring a 67 RS/SS350 car and trying to determine whether it originally had a vinyl top. The car had a resto done several years back and it does not have a vinyl top now. The protect-o-plate shows paint code RR and the cowl tag shows R-2 (Bolero red w/black vinyl top). Has anyone seen this...
  2. Z/28 Cowl tag to vin question

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    I am hoping you guys can help figure out this dilema. My brother purchased a 69 Z/28 a few months ago. It has all the Z/28 markings. 4 leaf suspension, dual hanger exhaust, disc brakes, close ratio manual steering etc. It has original Lemans blue all over it. As you can see in the pictures it is...
  3. how can i tell what my camaro is

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    i have a 1969 camaro and have questions if its an rs or an ss or a Z/28 hears my cowl tag can you help me out ST 69 12437 VN254553 BDY TR 727 65 65 PNT 01D see i have a hard time determinding what its because it is an Van Nuys cars car anyone help...