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  1. Engine
    Which flexplate? I just replaced the flexplate on my 383 small block. I ordered one from Summit and the starter will only engage about 1/3 tooth. I have three starters, 2 minis and one standard. Since the 383 uses a 400 crank I think I ordered the wrong flexplate they list one for the 400 but I...
  2. Engine
    Hi, I am in the process of building a stock 396/350 hp big block. The block has been bored .30 over to make it a 402. My question is, how critical is it to actually balance the rotating assembly? The motor will most likely be under 500hp with a mild cam and light head work. Also, will the...
  3. Performance
    Swapping from a Small Journal to "REG" Journal crankshaft ? --- I was planning on just reusing my small journal 4577 forged 327 crank for my 500hp build (afr eliminators, h beams, roller cam, 142 blower, alcohol injection, ect). Then I ran across this Eagle Forged crank that has the same...
1-3 of 3 Results