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distributor cap

  1. Distributor cap/rotor recommendation

    Hey guys can you point me in the rite direction for a replacement cap and rotor? I have an original style delco in a SB 350 but the cap keeps popping loose and it looks like those "L" shaped locking tabs are slipping out of their perches. I am hoping the body of the distributor is not the worn...
  2. What is correct original distributor cap? 68 Camaro 396

    Camaro Tech
    Hello I am looking to find out what the correct original distributor cap for a 1968 Camaro 396 manual trans. I have done some research and find Delco Remy 308 and also D308R out there (black caps). I am looking to find out what top of cap is supposed to say " Delco Remy Patent Pending?" with or...