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  1. Big Block Looses Power

    I just bought a Camaro for a project car. It has a 454 with a new ignition module, coil, plugs, and wires. Ran ok with a few backfires thru the exhaust on my way home. About 50 miles in it started missing real bad. lost power and could barely get it home. When it is cold, it runs ok with a miss...
  2. 67 Camaro wiring help

    Camaro Tech
    Hello Everyone, I am restoring a 67 Camaro and the wiring was a mess and wiring is not my thing. I ordered a new Engine harness (CA71982) it has these wires that I'm not sure what they go to. I'm thinking the distributor but I have a HEI style so not sure how to wire them
  3. ZZ4 350 - which MSD distributor/box set-up to use?

    Hey guys - I've officially given up on the stock HEI as I keep nuking the ignition module. So, it's time to upgrade. I'm think MSD. Anyone have experience with a particular model # in this application? WIth 6AL box? Any other advice from folks who have been through this? Thx, Nick
  4. Procomp Module

    Electrical & Wiring
    Good morning, ProComp has a 4-pin circuit board type module that replaces the standard 4-pin module. The part number is PC6040. This is similar to the MSD only it does not have the built in rev limiter and is less than half the price. Does anyone on the sight have any experience with or opinion...
  5. HEI Replacment parts (GM)

    Electrical & Wiring
    Can anyone tell me where I may purchase replacement parts for a GM HEI distributor? I need bushings, springs, weights vac. can. I have installed an aftermarket distributor but would like to rebuild the GM. I have checked the web and many locals with no luck. I do not like the kits from Accel...
  6. HEI Distributor and Alternator light

    Electrical & Wiring
    Question # 1: I am going through my GM HEI distributor. Under the weights there are nylon pads that the weight slides on, does anyone know where I can get them, I have been unable to find. Question # 2: I installed the one wire alternator, no problem other than the alternator light now stays...
  7. Please help with engine problem

    I just got done putting my car back together after replacing my clutch. When I turned on the car it revved up and was running at a high idle and not very well. It sounded pretty bad. I am afraid it is the distributor because it is loose enough to turn by hand now. I tried to tighten the clamp...
  8. Distributor upgrade help

    I have a 69 camaro, 350, stock with a points distributor and a 12v Accel coil. The points distributor only has 1 wire (ground/black wire) and it is connected to the coil. I do not see a ballast resistor anywhere. I just purchased a ready to run distributor and a new 12v coil but I need help...
  9. MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor - $120.00 Shipped (48 U. S. States)

    MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor P/N 8362 $120.00 Shipped (48 U.S. States)
  10. MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor - $129.99 Shipped

    MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor p/n 8362 - 129.99 shipped (48 states) Fits all Chevy V8s, except 348 and 409.
  11. WTB Distributor for Big Block 1968 1111445

    Forum Classifieds
    Hello, I am looking for a distributor for a 1968 396/350HP std. trans. which has the part # 1111445. If you have one or know where I might be able to find one I would be interested. Thank you for your help. John
  12. engine turns but wont start

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hey im new here and this is my first post. i looked at previous posts to see if someone talked about this but i didnt find anything. anyway the other day i was in my car and had the engine off and was listening to the radio (dumb i know but i was studying). after an hour white smoke started...