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  1. New Member Introductions
    What's going on everybody, figured I'd give a short little intro. I live near Los Angeles, I have a Camaro, I fix stuff and I do YouTube. It's about as exciting as it sounds lol. I used to have a GTi and, honestly, hated the community. I know everyone's an individual, but I get alot more out...
  2. Camaro Tech
    Hello all, I bought a 1968 Camaro SS 350 v8 restomod and was hoping to work on it myself as much as I can. I do not have much experience in doing installs. I normally have shops do the work since I had one car and couldn't risk dissembling parts and not being able to put it back together. Now...
  3. Interiors
    Hey! I'm currently restoring a 1969 Camaro convertible right now. I've never done any interior or upholstery work, but i thought i might try my hand at it. I've come up with several designs for door panels and trunk panels and have a few ideas for seats, but I'm curious to see what projects some...
1-3 of 3 Results