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door glass

  1. Window verticals gap w/ window curvature

    Body Shop
    I have bought a couple brands of glass attempting to close up the gap at my vertical seals. It seems that the door glass is much more curved top to bottom than the quarter glass. This results in a gap in the middle of the vertical seal even with a very tight fit with the top of the window and...
  2. Help Reinstalling 1967 Door glass into regulator

    Camaro Tech
    Hello, I was replacing my vent window seals and took my window out of the regulator to get the vent window frame out. I think I did it the wrong way as I am having a hell of a time putting it back in. What I have right now is the bare window out of the regulator and the rubber strip that fits...
  3. Door weatherstrip/window

    Restoration Corner
    I have replaced the door weatherstripping on my 69 Camaro. I can't figure how the weather strip/door glass/door panel fit together at the front of the door. The door glass comes up between a manufactured split in the weatherstripping. The inside piece of that weatherstripping is very large...
  4. 1968 camaro Door glass guestion

    Restoration Corner
    I have a 68 camaro but it has the two piece door glass (wing style). I guess someone put 67 doors on the car at some point. My question is is there a way to change the glass back to the one piece style or would I need to hangs out the doors completely? Also what about the roof rail part where...
  5. door glass install

    Camaro Tech
    :confused:Help, I am finishing a long restoration. I installed the door glass but the half round balls mounted to the glass are hitting the felt covered squares mounterd on the door. This is not allowing the glass to go all the way up and holding the glass away from the felt weather strip on the...