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  1. Driver door jams when window is down

    Body Shop
    If my driver window is rolled out, even slightly, the door jams from the outside and won't open. The door button can't be pressed fully in. From inside, the door opens. Just jams from the outside. Any idea why? solution?
  2. OER 68 / 69 Deluxe Door Panels Black

    Forum Classifieds
    OER 68 / 69 Deluxe Door Panels Black $400 shipped Parting out my now abandoned 68 restoration and have some OER deluxe door panels for sale. These have been sitting in a box for the last 5 years or so and have never been installed. Comes with two panels. $400 shipped anywhere in continental...
  3. 1969 Camaro console ash tray door spring installation

    Restoration Corner
    Thanks in advance for any help with this: I bought a console and all parts separately (for discount reasons) and I am now attempting to assemble. Can anyone help with the ash tray door spring installation? I searched forum for answer but didn't see any straight forward solution to installing...
  4. Best Seal Manufacturer???

    Body Shop
    I'm looking for some feedback from the community about replacement seals for my 67 coupe. In the past I've purchased individual seals from Soff Seal, MMP, and Classic Industries. I now have the car at the body shop getting repainted and I need to replace all the door, window, and other assorted...
  5. Vent window rubber. Clips ?

    Restoration Corner
    I have just got my new vent window rubbers for my 67 and I noticed when the old ones were removed the remains of three little clips. Both sides are stripped, I managed to save two clips, the others were just rust. Question shall I bother to find a set to put the rubber back in or should...
  6. Help finding door glass roller - '69 Camaro

    Hi guys - Need some part help. I have a bad roller on '69 door glass. It's one of the floating guys mounted on the glass itself, not on the regulator. I find plenty of complete plate, pad and roller sets for a full make-over but I need only ONE roller so I can't believe that I need to spend...
  7. Fenders(70-77) & Doors(70-74) Differences

    Second Generation
    What are the differences in FENDERS from 70-77? What are the differences in DOORS from 70-74? I think the 70 has a smaller outside door handle. Thanks, Merv
  8. Door latch stuck

    Hey guys, I've searched all the threads and tried what I could without any luck. I have a couple different keys on my key ring, and was trying to figure out which key operated the door lock on my '67. I had the door open and tried the first one, and the cylinder rotated, but nothing happened...
  9. Driver Door mirror

    Restoration Corner
    Question regarding driver door mirror....I have an early build 68 SS 350 ( 10B ). Were there cars produced with leftover round mirrors from 67 (which mine has) or did they all come out of the gate with the rectanglular mirrors ? My car also has the oil fin SS hood ornaments carried over from 67...
  10. Complete weather stripping for 68

    Body Shop
    Hello im new to this forum and im not big on them so if you guy would take it easy on me it would be much a pritiated. I am looking for weather stripping for my 68 camaro and was wondering whats the best deal?? i need everything, door seals, window, u joints, felt, everything heres the kit i was...
  11. 1968 Doors vs. 1967 doors

    Camaro Tech
    Can you put 1967 doors on a 1968 camaro? Questions B, can you take the 1/4 windows off the 67 doors and put the windows/gears etc. from the 68 into them? Thanks, RB