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  1. EFI for 69 small block

    Thinking about converting my Edelbrock 4 brl to a EFI system. My current small block (350) makes 410 HP (at sea level) at the engine. Hot cam, aluminum heads, etc. Currently I have no problems. But I live in Denver, so altitude takes its toll on power. Someone who has a EFI on his 69 said a...
  2. 1969 Camaro EFI Gas Tank Question

    HI, I am doing an EFI conversion on my Camaro and I wanted to ask if any knows of a 1969 Camaro gas tack that has a 3" opening for the sending unit. The sending unit and pump that I have needs a larger opening than the standard gas tank. Any help appericated
  3. Which EFI system? Suggestions or feedback needed.

    EFI in your modern Classic
    Now that I've got some time and $$ to put into my 69 Camaro, I think an EFI system would be perfect for my setup. I've got a fairly stock 350 that has a standard eldebrock carburetor. I only drive the car about once every other week and simply looking for reliable performance. I'm only...
  4. Fuel Pump Feedback

    EFI in your modern Classic
    Hi, Getting ready to convert my 1969 Camaro 350 HO to Holley EFI Sniper system and I am looking for feedback on this fuel pump. Has anyone tried one of these? Anyone find another drop in replacement sending unit, fuel pump combo? Spectra SP177A1H $115.00 + tax is a drop in replacement in the...
  5. Switched 12 v source for EFI, Ignition box, Fuel pump and Fan

    Electrical & Wiring
    I'm finishing up my EZ EFI install and I need a switched 12 volt source for all the new electrical devices that are part of the new setup. The ECU for the EFI, the Mallory Hyfire 6 ignition box, the fuel pump relay and the electric fan relay all need switch 12 volts (in addition to hot 12v from...
  6. Holley Commander 950 SBC EFI

    Forum Classifieds
    Im putting a LS1 in my Camaro so Im selling my EFI system. This is the narrow band version. I had it in my car for some time but never really got a chance to put a lot of miles on it. Im going to say less than 100 miles. I am going to include a electronic distributor that will allow the...
  7. Target air/fuel ratios for new EFI setup

    EFI in your modern Classic
    I'm setting up a new FAST EZ EFI on my 350HO crate motor and I'd like to get some advice on what the target air / fuel ratios should be for idle, cruise and WOT. I'm in the Denver area at 6000 feet. Normal humidity here is 35%. Not sure if these are factors, but I included them in this post just...