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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey my name's Kevin I just started restoring a 68 camaro convertible. ***see Tech section ***
  2. Camaro Tech
    I'm restoring my 68 Camaro convertible back to as close as possible to original but somewhere along the line someone replaced the original 327 with a 350. So my question is, what fender emblems should I put on the car? 327 or 350? I'm thinking 350 but really not sure. What do you guys think...
  3. Forum Classifieds
    I have a new set of Trimparts emblems (Made In the USA) 427 SS emblems (grill and rear panel) that I do not need. They have never been installed and have the speed nuts too. These run $143 + shipping for the pair on Selling for $110 and that includes shipping to lower 48 states...
  4. Forum Classifieds
    I just need one. Doesn't need to be perfect, so long as it's functional.
  5. Body Shop
    I feel dumb asking this, but I'm trying to remove these emblem from the hood, and, short of getting a pry bar, I'm having a hard time removing them. The only way I can find to access the prongs on the back is through these holes on the inside of the trunk. Despite the appearance in the...
  6. Tag Team
    I'm thinking about buying this emblem. Trying to figure out how you can verify whether emblems are original or not? I see folks posting the part number, but don't they just repop that too? Looks like it's showing a little wear. He wants $25. Worth it? Apologies if this is covered somewhere...
  7. Forum Classifieds
    I have the grill, tail, and two side Z-28 emblems. They're basic repros, as far as I know. 3 of them are in great shape, but one of the side emblems broke (see pic below). When it's on the car though you cannot tell. I also have two Z-28 floor mats. They're both in great shape, but the red...
1-7 of 7 Results