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  1. 83 Won't Pass Emissions

    Third Generation
    Hello, So, I bought myself an '83 Berlinetta for my birthday, runs well, no rust. But the beast won't pass emissions. Failed three times for Idle and high CO2. Took it to a shop after the first time. Mechanic adjusted the timing belt, said the plugs were clean and the carburetor...
  2. 87 Iroc Z 28 refuses to pass CA Smog (Hi NO)

    would love help! 87 iroq w/305 engine. Replaced EGR valve, EGR solenoid, knock sensor, wires, plugs, rotor cap, spark ignitor, TPS (throttle positioning sensor), TSU (temp sending unit). Second smog test gives Fail for NO of 916 ppm (max 772) @15 mph but passes with 628ppm at 25mph. Have run 2...