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engine swap

  1. Greetings from Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Howdy to all. I am your typical middle aged guy who wants to breath life back into a car he has held on to for years. I have a 1989 Iroc Z28 with the 305, 5 speed and T-tops. Of course raising a family and feeding my desire for horsepower ain't always financially possible, the old girl has had...
  2. 292 Inline 6 swap?

    Has anyone out there actually swapped a 292 into a first gen Camaro? I've searched the archives here and elsewhere and I have not seen or heard of anyone doing it (other than dedicated drag cars with extensive hood modifications). I did some preliminary measurements and it looks like the...
  3. 86 makeover

    I have an 86 camaro that came with a 2.8L v6. About a year and a half ago the engine blew. I want to put a 350 carburated model in it but im not sure what kind of upgrades the car would need. Will the 350 bolt to the existing tranny? Will i need to replace the current rear end? And will there...
  4. 2 Much Virbrating???

    I switched engines and had to mess with the timing to get the 2.8L now in my 1992 camaro to fire up. The engine came out of a 84 camaro it's firing up fine but it's virbrating the whole car more than it should be...suggestions? Also kept ALL the wiring harness, pullies, & accessories off the 3.1...
  5. 1968 I6 to V8 engine swap

    Does anyone have experience with swapping out an inlline 6 with a Chevy 350? I want to keep the same tranny for now so I know I need a new fly wheel and wiring harness, but what else will I need? It's my first attempt at swapping to a different type of motor so any advice/literature is...