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  1. Headers that fit angle plug AFR 195 competition heads

    I'm building a new 355 looking for a well built header that works well with AFR 195 competition race heads. These heads only come in the angle plug configuration. I'm also not sure if I should use 1 5/8" or 1 3/4". I don't have air conditioning,power steering, or power breaks. It's a mostly drag...
  2. Rebuild or Buy a Crate

    Good Evening Everyone, I have recently purchased a 68 Camaro, my first hot rod/ project car. We have finished the front and rear suspension and now I am about to dive into the motor. Here is what is going on. In the car right now is a Vortec 350 Crate from the mid 1990s per the #880 stamp on...
  3. Distributor Choice

    Electrical & Wiring
    I need some suggestions on what to use for a distributor for a BB chevy. I currently have a Pertronix ignitor with the coil. Engine has been running but recently will not start anymore. Did all the troubleshooting, timing, power to the coil, air gap between the magnetic pick up and module. This...
  4. On a NEED to KNOW basis

    I am so confused :confused: currently I bought an engine that was believed to be out of a 1969 camaro, and since owning it I have had people tell me it is nothing more than a 1979 halfton engine. SOOOO! I turn to those who know these things best, and here I am. what I can tell you about the...
  5. Big Block Blueprinting and Edelbrock Top End Kit

    Hey everyone: My father and I figured the winter would be a good time to begin building the motor for our '69 project. It's not going to be a track car, but we do want it to have some go, and will have a TH400 and 12-bolt with 3.73's behind it. We don't have much experience with blueprinting...
  6. 69 camaro 307

    Forum Classifieds
    Anyone interested in a complete working 307 from a 69 camaro engine last ran in November of 2013. It would need freshened up but does run. I live near pittsburgh Thanks
  7. Ticking noise after I shut off my engine..HELP

    Hey guys, I have a 68' Camaro with a 355 small block.. Very cookie cutter engine for a 68'....The engine was rebuilt beautifully by a reputable mechanic in my area around 6 years ago. Since then I have had no problems until now. I pulled it out of cold storage a few months back and despite a...
  8. Engine

    I did get one reply on Craigslist interested in my 350 - they didn't know what to offer, though. Someone on Team Camaro responded that they thought my engine may be worth $500-$750. I hope that I can get some more responses from both sides and get the right deal executed soon. I am not...
  9. Electrical nightmare 67

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hello all, my 1st post, the car, 67 camaro, the issue; the car runs beautiful but, hit the lights or switch for convertible top the car shuts down. When on rd and put blinked on before comming to complete stop it surges like it shuts off then on as the blinked goes. Need some help as to where to...
  10. Ticking sound from a new build SBC

    Dear Camaro lovers, I'm a guy from Norway, (therefore un-steady and bad English) I have a 1972 Camaro, I have built my one engine, a 383 stoker. From the first day I started up and breaked in the engine, I have had the same annoying (!) ticking sound. I bought a complete set from...
  11. SES Light on

    I have a 1994 Camaro Z-28; I purchased it with blown head gaskets not knowing how many other things was wrong but over a few weeks an hour at a time I found out. After I redid the heads, I added a water pump, plugs and wires, radiator, thermostat. I started it and it ran very well but the SES...
  12. New member from AZ

    New Member Introductions
    Hey folks first post to Team Camaro. I own a neglected :( 68 standard 327 coupe in need of attention. You all know how priorities go. I'm looking for some suggestions on reputable, reasonable repair shops in the Phoenix, Az area to help me get my 68 running. First priorities are engine...
  13. dilemma M20 vs M21

    Transmission & Driveline
    gentleman. i need some expertise on determining best engine/trany/rear end combo to achieve best performance. i have rebuilt 396/350 motor w 3.07 in rear end. i realize rear end needs to changed to higher gear. i also want to place original GM parts in car. my question is do i convert rear end...
  14. Rear main leak...need help

    I am looking for something I was told about but the person didn't know what it was called. This is a temporary solution until I am willing to pay to have my rear main fixed. It is a sticky, absorbant pad that sticks to the bottom of the oil pan/trans pan that will soak up drips/leaks so it...
  15. need help

    Transmission & Driveline
    I was told about a product that sticks to the bottom of an oil pan or trans pan that will absorb drips/leaks so it doesn't get all over the other parts while driving. It was described as a sticky, absorbant pad. I was even told it could be taken off, rung out, and put back on. Does anyone...
  16. 383 Flexplate question.

    Which flexplate? I just replaced the flexplate on my 383 small block. I ordered one from Summit and the starter will only engage about 1/3 tooth. I have three starters, 2 minis and one standard. Since the 383 uses a 400 crank I think I ordered the wrong flexplate they list one for the 400 but I...
  17. New - 76 Camaro Drivetrain Upgrades

    Second Generation
    Hi all, I have recently bought a 76 Camaro, with a factory 305 and auto TH 350 trans. I want to put some real muscle under the hood, and wanted to get suggestions on a bigger eng/trans combo. I have seen 400's paired to the TH 350. Any feedback on general installation/modification issues would...
  18. 84 berlinetta engine help?

    Third Generation
    Okay, first off, im new here, so hi to everyone! i have an 84 berlinetta project car im working on. it has a 5.0L 305 w/ edelbrock performance intake and holley performance 650 CFM carb, think it has a performance cam in it, guy i bought it from said it was his buddies engine. it needs some some...
  19. 68 engine harness onto a 67

    Electrical & Wiring
    I picked up a wiring harness along with some other goodies today, however, it's from a 68 and mine's a 67. At first I thought it should be the same but after looking it seems that the sockets are different. Any way I could make it work?
  20. Please help with engine problem

    I just got done putting my car back together after replacing my clutch. When I turned on the car it revved up and was running at a high idle and not very well. It sounded pretty bad. I am afraid it is the distributor because it is loose enough to turn by hand now. I tried to tighten the clamp...