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  1. Exhaust?

    It's time for my old, and I mean OLD, glasspacks to hit the road. WHat are you guys running and how does it sound?
  2. Header & exhaust options '69 327

    I have a 1969 base model convertible with a 327 and auto trans. The exhaust manifolds look to be original and are in very back condition. I have never tackled any type of engine work and need some advice. I'm looking for suggestions for a replacement exhaust, manifold to tail pipe. I would like...
  3. Muffler

    I currently have a muffler that measures 19 7/8" long without pipes and has 2"ID in and 1 7/8" ID out. This is dual exhaust in and out Numbers on Muffler are H4K and 65064. I am looking to replace the muffler only and can not find a replacement. This was purchased from Classic industries in 1996...
  4. 2000 Camaro EGR Valve

    Fourth Generation
    Hey everyone, Recently replaced radiator & thermostat on a 2000 camaro 3.8l automatic. To access the thermostat I partially unbolted the upper part of the the EGR tubing/pipe that runs from the valve to the intake which blocks access to the thermostat. I did not completely the tubing on the...
  5. Free Shipping on Flowmaster + Reduced Prices

    Hey folks, If you were thinking of upgrading your exhaust system now is the time! We have just dropped our sale price on all Flowmaster systems and headers PLUS we are offering free shipping. We are doing this as a holiday promotion but wanted to give Team members the heads up early...
  6. FREE SHIPPING on Pypes exhaust systems!

    If you were thinking about upgrading the exhaust system on your Camaro now is the time! From now until May 31st, 2013 we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any Pypes exhaust system. Here is a direct link to all of the system that we carry for 1967-1981 Camaro...
  7. Engine swap 396 to ZZ427

    Hello guys, my name is Max and I´m new here because I bought a 68 Camaro and want to restore it now. The next step is to change the headers and the exhaust. My car is powered by a 396 BigBlock and I want to use this engine for the first time, but later I want to change to the chevy-performance...
  8. Need help on getting right headers on 1967 Camaro

    Hello ,i have a 1967 327 RallySport center column shifter with power brakes/steering, and A/C, i need to know if there are any Headers i could buy that would fit with my stock A/C. The problem is is that the bracket i have now is going strait into the exhaust manifold. I want to know if there...
  9. 2013 Camaro 1LS v6 exhaust change?

    Fifth Generation
    New member here, just purchased my 2013 camaro 1ls v6 and want to know if anyone has good ideas for great sounding exhausts?
  10. Heat Riser - Mystery Bolt

    I'm doing a little work on my L48 engine bay since the weather has been not so typical March like, trying to make the last push to get her back on the road. Saturday I removed the carb that I installed back in 83 - Chevrolet Service replacement 07029207 and I noticed under the heat shield and...
  11. 1969 Z28 Exhaust Manifold

    Restoration Corner
    I bought a 1969 Z28 that has numbers matching engine and tranny. One item that seems not to be correct is RH Exhaust manifold which is 3943826. Any idea what this came off of and where I can find a 3946826?
  12. Need help with 3rd gen camaro!

    I want to purchase a third gen iroc-z and I want to know what to do to make it run well and sound good. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  13. What's the best exhaust system for the money?

    Please excuse me if the following questions seem elementary, but I’m fairly new to hot rodding. Car and Engine Detail: I have a 7.4L 454 V8 in a 1968 Camaro with “Hooker Headers 2457HKR - Hooker Competition Headers.” The car will be driven in the summers and the plan isn’t to take it to the...
  14. 502 Headers

    Hey Guys, I'm in the middle of restoring my 69 camaro and have a question about headers. The car is receiving a brand new Create 502 from GM and I was wondering what type of headers would work the best. I know its a tight fit for a big block in these cars and I was hoping someone may lead me...
  15. NEW Hooker Super Competition Hdrs

    Forum Classifieds
    For Sale one set of Hooker Super Competition headers for a 1882-1992 third gen Camaro with a BBC. They cost $749.95 at Summit part# HOK-2226-1HKR. They have been installed on a thirdgen before but never run. The guy lost interest in the car and I bought the car and...
  16. longtube or shorty headers for my 69?

    I want to put headers on my 69 camaro which has a 350 but I need additional information. What is the difference between longtube and shorty headers? Which will give me more horsepower and how will they affect the sound of the exhaust? I've noticed that some headers have skinny tubes while...
  17. Whats wrong with my 69? Why isn't the exhaust loud?

    I just purchased a 69 camaro with a 350, longtube headers, and stock exhaust. I wanted hear my car rumble so I installed a 40 series flowmaster dual exhaust with an X-pipe and used 2.5" pipes. When I turned it on I was very disappointed because it was nowhere near as loud as I expected it...
  18. ram air restoration oval exhaust

    Pro Touring
    Was wondering if anyone has experience with this exhaust system Looks cool , but wondering how it fits. Price isn't bad either thanks for any info.
  19. 1996 V6 Problems

    Camaro Tech
    Hello all! I'm a new user to this forum, and was recommended by a friend, here's my story. I was given a 1996 V6 Camaro by my in-laws, it has 75,000 miles on it. When I was given it I was told that they believed that the only thing wrong with it was the Catalytic converter. It ran...
  20. '05 corvette exhaust for '98 Camaro??

    I've got a set of stock exhaust from what I think was an '05 corvette. I'd like to put them on my girlfriends '98 camaro but don't know if it will work. I don't think both those huge mufflers are gonna fit under there but maybe someone knows a way. Please email me at [email protected] or...