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  1. 1969 Heater Blower Motor

    Heating & Cooling
    During the restomod process, for an unknown reason, the heater motor was never replaced. So I got my AIM today and while it's not #1 on my list of things to do to finish this car properly (front power discs & quick steering are 1 & 2), I would like to start lining up my ducks. With regard to...
  2. What electric fan and shroud for stock radiator 69 sb

    Heating & Cooling
    I am looking to change my fan to electric. Tired of the existing fan rubbing the shroud plus just want to clean up the look of the engine compartment. I am going to retain the OE radiator. looking for proven advice for which puller fan to use (size, brand, cfm, etc) plus where to get a shroud...
  3. 67 RS/SS 350 AC - correct fan, clutch, spacer

    Tag Team
    Restoring a 1967 RS/SS 350 powerglide with AC. Wanted to confirm if these are the correct part numbers for the fan (3789562), clutch (3916139), and spacer (3814241). Does the fan blade have 4 or 5 rivets on each blade? Also, wanted to confirm these part numbers should appear on those parts and...
  4. Correct Curved 7 Blade Fan For SWP

    We now have the original style correct 7 blade curved tip fan with a 17.5 diameter for short water pump applications. This is a Ground Up exclusive part. Here is a direct link to the product page...
  5. 1972 Fan Control Wiring

    Second Generation
    I have a restored 1972 Camaro and determined the fan control is not working. On inspection, I found the fan control wiring was cut. It is a single orange wire that was cut which is providing the power from the switch. Unfortunately I don't have a wiring diagram (I have ordered but not...
  6. 68 RS Overheating...Fix on a budget?

    Camaro Tech
    I just bought a 1968 Camaro RS with a 350 engine. When I bought it I was told that it has issues with overheating on warm days. I believe the radiator id copper and I'm running the six blade mechanical fan with a shroud. I want to increase the airflow, even at highway speeds, with minimal...
  7. 69 camaro low fan only

    Heating & Cooling
    I have a 69 camaro and the fan only blow's low in all positions on selector switch. I have installed a new resistor at the blower box and even installed new switches. I still have the same problem. Is there any other resistor that could be causing the problem.If any one has any ideas your help...