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  1. 1967 1968 1969 Camaro Power Trunk Latch Set up COMPLETE

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    A complete set up to convert your manual trunk latch to a POWER trunk latch. Includes: power lead for fuse block connection, glove box button, complete wiring harness, electric trunk latch. Easy installation with NO mods needed. You can still use your key from the trunk lid lock cylinder...
  2. Is there any seats similair to these from 1969,1968,1967

    Is there any seats similair to these from 1969,1968,1967, does anyone have any of the part # between the 2 black arrows. My seats have the part # below the red arrow(#8738440), in column on right,part # 8734291 . Does anyone have part #s between the 2 black arrows on the...
  3. Greetings from canada (eh)

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    Hello , just saying hi . I live in the far north of Alberta and have a couple cars , both were found abandoned over the years and rescued from the bushes. 1st one is a 71 GT-37/400 and the latest is a 67 firebird convertible which I am about a year into , going to attempt a build thread on it...
  4. Starting advice for me

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    As you may see from my posts, I am starting to restore a 69 firebird. I will be removing rearend and front sub frame and putting it on the familiar jig described on this forum many times. My question: I need to do both floor pans (maybe full floorpan..). The convertible braces under the pans...
  5. Getting car on to jig

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    What is the best method for getting an F Body onto the jig? I am starting a 69 convertible project and will be building the body jig shortly that is referenced so many times. I have searched threads but I haven't found the definitive best way to place the body shell onto the jig. Thanks!! BTW -...
  6. New Camaro Team Member

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    How's it going fellas? My name is Juan Machuca, 22yrs. old and have been a Camaro lover since the first time i saw 69 Camaro. I purchased my first F-body 3 days ago. Dream has always been to own a 69 Camaro but saw getting a 69 Firebird as the next best thing i can do. I couldnt think of...
  7. 1967 Firebird Coupe: The 5 Year Project

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    I've finally starting taking apart my 67 bird. I purchased it when I was 19, now 35, and drove it for the first 5 years. Well then I graduated from college, got married, had kids, and so forth causing the car to sit. But, now things are to a point that I can work on the car and rebuild it in to...
  8. Any interest in Dougs Headers with the Pontiac Owners

    Any interest in Dougs Headers with the Firebird owners on the board? D569 - My price would be $630.00 Shipped D568 - My price would be $695.00 Shipped If there is a interest, I...