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  1. Starting advice for me

    Build Projects
    As you may see from my posts, I am starting to restore a 69 firebird. I will be removing rearend and front sub frame and putting it on the familiar jig described on this forum many times. My question: I need to do both floor pans (maybe full floorpan..). The convertible braces under the pans...
  2. something wrong with my brakes

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hey everyone, I have a question that I would really like some help with. This is the second time that this has happened this summer already and it happened once last summer. My brake pedal is going all the way to the floor and my brake light comes on. When I pump the brakes a few times I get...
  3. floor pans and welding

    Body Shop
    hey guys, i have a big question- i have a 75 camaro and it is in desperate need of a new floor. i have never welded before but would like to do the job personally. my question is this, if i need to replace the whole floor pans do i need to totally take apart my car so that i can fit the steel...
  4. Garage Floor Coatings, What are you using?

    Tools & Shops
    What are you guys using to coat your garage floor? Here is a product I am considering: I am a new home owner, the house has a two car garage and I'd like to coat the floor. I can't wait to get my Camaro out of a storage unit. Thanks...