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  1. Complete aftermarket dual exhaust system

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    Hello, up for sale is a complete dual exhaust system I just removed from my small block 69 with power steering consisting of: Flowmaster 17104 2.5" with transverse muffler, equalizer tube, all mounting hardware and instructions. Hedmann 68270 headers, ceramic coated 6 2.5" stainless steel...
  2. Free Shipping on Flowmaster + Reduced Prices

    Hey folks, If you were thinking of upgrading your exhaust system now is the time! We have just dropped our sale price on all Flowmaster systems and headers PLUS we are offering free shipping. We are doing this as a holiday promotion but wanted to give Team members the heads up early...
  3. FREE SHIPPING on Flowmaster + 20% off MSRP!

    Hey Everyone, We are now a proud distributor of Flowmaster products and we are doing a special promotion to kick off. For a limited time we are offering Free Ground Shipping to the contiguous 48 states on any American Thunder Exhaust Kit and/or any Scavenger Series Elite Headers. We have...
  4. What's the best exhaust system for the money?

    Please excuse me if the following questions seem elementary, but I’m fairly new to hot rodding. Car and Engine Detail: I have a 7.4L 454 V8 in a 1968 Camaro with “Hooker Headers 2457HKR - Hooker Competition Headers.” The car will be driven in the summers and the plan isn’t to take it to the...
  5. longtube or shorty headers for my 69?

    I want to put headers on my 69 camaro which has a 350 but I need additional information. What is the difference between longtube and shorty headers? Which will give me more horsepower and how will they affect the sound of the exhaust? I've noticed that some headers have skinny tubes while...
  6. Exhaust System

    Well, After much reading and thinking, I decided that I would go back and re-visit the exhaust install. I had originally installed the H-Pipe section "upsidedown", not knowing how much it would come back to haunt me. I decided to tackle removing the system and installing it correctly, and...