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  1. Flywheel Help

    Restoration Corner
    I just ordered and received a 350 330hp crate engine that I got through my dealership. It didn't come with a flywheels and I'm having the hardest time finding the one I'll need for my application. The GM part number for the flywheel that the specification booklet told me was 14088648 and this...
  2. Flexplate/Flywheel turner

    Recently when changing from a power glide to a 700R4 I needed a flywheel turner. No fun buying one, more satisfaction from making one, here is what I came up with for $4.00 and it works great. Just thought I would share in case anyone had an interest. Purchase a 8" or 9" gate hinge from your...
  3. 383 Flexplate question.

    Which flexplate? I just replaced the flexplate on my 383 small block. I ordered one from Summit and the starter will only engage about 1/3 tooth. I have three starters, 2 minis and one standard. Since the 383 uses a 400 crank I think I ordered the wrong flexplate they list one for the 400 but I...
  4. Aluminum flywheel, Alcoa... info?

    I'm currently finishing getting my engine and tranny together. It is a 454 and a BW Super T-10. I need a proper flywheel before I bring them together. Now, I have already bought a 454 flywheel balancer plate to make use of a 350 flywheel, so today I checked out some junkyards to find a flywheel...
  5. can a flywheel loose grip?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi guys, I am having issues with the clutch of my 69 396ci camaro... a couple of weeks ago I borrowed my car to a friend who abused of the clutch. The clutch had slipped in such a way that the car didn't have a clutch when he returned my car. I removed the M21 and the clutch housing, the...
  6. Various T56 install questions

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey people! I've searched the threads and I've not found answers to the following questions. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am installing an LT1 camaro T56 circa 94-96 into my 1970 camaro. I bought the conversion kit from Bob Weir and have it all set up to use a hydraulic throwout bearing...
  7. Clutch/Flywheel suggestions for my T56 install?

    Transmission & Driveline
    I've never had a manual transmission in this car so I don't really know anything about clutches and flywheels or what would be appropriate for my application. Can you help with suggestions please? I have a Borg Warner T56 with 2.66 1st gear and 26 spline input shaft (5.5" long). The engire is a...