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  1. Engine
    HI, I am doing an EFI conversion on my Camaro and I wanted to ask if any knows of a 1969 Camaro gas tack that has a 3" opening for the sending unit. The sending unit and pump that I have needs a larger opening than the standard gas tank. Any help appericated
  2. Camaro Tech
    Might buy some of this product to clean carbon deposits from my fuel system. Car is dieseling really bad. Watched a youtube video about the use of Seafoam in the gas tank as a treatment and sprayed down the carb. Will it cure my dieseling problem?
  3. Engine
    I would like to see if anyone has suggestions/warnings, etc. before I try to replace my gas tank in 68 Camaro.
  4. Restoration Corner
    I'm wanting to slow but surely clean up the under carriage of the car. I just pulled the gas tank because it's the ugliest, most visible part of the undercarriage, at least fro the rear. As you can tell by the pics, it had 42 years of grime and build up... I know hitting the tank with a wire...
1-4 of 4 Results