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  1. Gas Over flowing

    Camaro Tech
    Hello! Has anyone had issues filling up their gas tank? The gas tank is new. I can only put in about 2 gallons of gas before it starts shooting back out at me.
  2. 2000 Camaro EGR Valve

    Fourth Generation
    Hey everyone, Recently replaced radiator & thermostat on a 2000 camaro 3.8l automatic. To access the thermostat I partially unbolted the upper part of the the EGR tubing/pipe that runs from the valve to the intake which blocks access to the thermostat. I did not completely the tubing on the...
  3. Rubber Fuel Line Replacement

    Hi everyone I filled up my tank and after a 15 minute drive around the neighborhood, I noticed some gas leaking under the tank when I got back into the garage. Upon further inspection, I can see gas on the outside of the rubber fuel line (between tank and line) on the lip of the tank. Can I...
  4. Strong Gas Smell when Parked

    Luckily the wife is away for the weekend, otherwise, she'd be really upset about the fuel smell...I'm not real happy about it myself... My setup is a 68 camaro, 502 crate motor, can only run an electric fuel pump...I have an HP-125 feeding braided & steel lines to Holley 870 carb, no return...
  5. Choice of fuels for a 502?

    Running a GM 2007 big block 502 with a new Holley 870 double pumper and HP-125 fuel pump in a 68 camaro. Normally I run 93 octane pump gas which of course I can only find in 10% ethanol around me, but I know where I can get 89 octane Ethanol-free gas. (it's a hike, about 11 miles away from me)...
  6. 1996 V6 Problems

    Camaro Tech
    Hello all! I'm a new user to this forum, and was recommended by a friend, here's my story. I was given a 1996 V6 Camaro by my in-laws, it has 75,000 miles on it. When I was given it I was told that they believed that the only thing wrong with it was the Catalytic converter. It ran...